BEST GUIDE: Change Title Bar Color in Windows 10

Microsoft had introduced a feature in Windows 8 which enabled users to customize the color of the title bars. It was definitely a unique feature but, inside Windows 10, this feature has been depreciated. The reason behind this is unknown as it could be some kind of tweak by Microsoft. So, users are demanding that thing back into their Windows 10.

Fortunately, title bar color can be changed inside Windows 10 through the use of some tweaks which I am going to explain in this guide. So, follow the steps along and at the end, you would be able to set any color you want on your title bar.

1) Make Changes to the Windows Theme File:

Go to the Explorer windows and navigate to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes. From there, choose the aero folder by clicking over it and Copy it by pressing Ctrl + C on your keyboard. Then paste it inside the same folder (Themes) and create a copy of this. Click on Continue at the File Access Denied prompt window.

Title Bar Colors in Windows 10 - 1

After pressing Continue, it would ask you to try again or skip the process. So, check the box labeled as Do this for all current items and press the Skip button in order to proceed. After a few seconds, you would see a new folder named aero – Copy. Just rename this folder to anything you want but I will rename it as MyColors. The name is case sensitive, so be aware of this.

Title Bar Colors in Windows 10 - 2

Now, open the folder you renamed recently and change the name of the file aero.msstyles to a new name based on the name of the parent folder i.e. MyColors.msstyles. Click Continue thereafter.

Title Bar Colors in Windows 10 - 3

Do the same with the file aero.msstyles.mui present inside the en-US folder located inside MyColors folder. Rename aero.msstyles.mui to MyColors.msstyles.mui and click on Continue when prompted.

Note: The “en-US” folder might have a different name when you are using a language other than English.

Title Bar Colors in Windows 10 - 4

Move back to the main Themes folder and copy the file aero.theme by pressing Ctrl + C and paste the file on your Desktop. After pasting the file on Desktop, rename this file to MyColors.theme. The purpose of copy this file to the desktop is to make some changes inside this file and these changes cannot be done into its parent folder.

Title Bar Colors in Windows 10 - 5

Right click on the MyColors.theme and open it with NotePad application. After opening it, move down the file and fond the following line of code under the [Visual Styles].


Replace the code with the following one and save changes to the notepad.


Title Bar Colors in Windows 10 - 6

Now, cut the MyColors.theme file from the Desktop by pressing Ctrl + X keys on the keyboard, move back to the Themes folder and paste the file by pressing Ctrl + V.

2) Activating the Theme:

In order to activate the theme, just double click on the MyColors.theme file and it would be activated on your Windows 10.

3) Select a Color:

To select the color you want the title bar to be, right click on Desktop and select Personalize. Click on Colors from the left pane and turn off Automatically pick an accent. Now select the color from the list and you would have your favorite colors on title bar.

Title Bar Colors in Windows 10 - 7

How to Revert Back to Normal Title Bar:

At some point, if you want to revert back to normal state of title bar, you can definitely do it. Just navigate to the themes folder C:\Windows\Resources\Theme and double click the aero.theme file and that’s it.


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BEST GUIDE: Change Title Bar Color in Windows 10

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