BEST GUIDE: Best Malware Software for 2015

Sharing is caring; and my caring would save you money, time, and your important data over the years to come. The money you spend on buying crap antivirus software’s, the money you spend with technical support for virus removals. It’s a money making circle, the virus guys makes money by infecting your systems, the techs makes money by removing them from your system, the anti-virus makes money by selling you their softwares and ofcourse updates.

My job is to deal with such issues; i get calls every day and when it’s about removing a virus, this is the question i get asked, where almost everyone has an anti-virus.

“We’ve got this (Norton, AVG or Bullguard etc) antivirus, then how did the malware came into our PC’s”?

Norton has a big market share, they spend a lot of money on their marketing more then any other anti-virus provider does. However, there are many you may have never heard about.

But here’s what you need to understand first, this is the age of malwares and anti-virus infections are very rare, you can continue to use your existing anti-viruses, but they will not protect you against malwares.

So what exactly are malwares?

Malwares have numerous forms, adware, junk ware, spyware etc.. the most common of them all is adware which infects your web browsers, redirects your searches, shows unwanted ads and causes a great deal of difficulties, in short “you’re not able to get where you want to” as it’s continuously flooded with ads.

spyware is the second most common, you may never find out by yourself because it’s job is to hide itself,  record your activities, and provide them to whoever is the controller. They can be used to spy on you personally, or by mass attacks  to gain sensitive information you browse.

So what should i do?

Well, that’s the question i get asked while leaving the customer’s premises  and here’s the summary of what i tell them.

I have kept your anti-virus as it is, and have installed Malwarebytes. This is the one which protects you in real time from spywares, adwares,  junkwares, their team is super active in pushing updates to the software and detecting/removing as it comes or is trying to come.

How can i be sure that it will work?

That’s my personal guarantee to you, it will work. If it doesn’t ask me and i’ll do a free remote session with you. (see my e-mail below)

Where can i buy Malwarebytes?

You can buy Malwarebytes by clicking the link below which will take you to their website from where it can be purchased.

I’d like to buy Malwarebytes

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BEST GUIDE: Best Malware Software for 2015

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