Best Gaming Glasses To Buy in 2021

We’ve been seeing the gaming market transform from an after-school hobby to a serious career choice. People are now earning huge sums for playing games professionally and that requires serious work. A lot of hours must be put in to be the best and that means sitting in front of the screen for long periods of time. And, with recent studies showing the dangers of the rays coming out, the grind is becoming a health concern. Studies show that blue rays cause eye fatigue and sleep deprivation which in turn results in weaker overall health.

The gaming glasses are becoming more and more popular among the gaming community. Professional streamers are emphasizing buying these too. They protect from glare headaches, blue rays and improve visual prowess. Today, we’ll be walking you over, what we have deemed, the best gaming glasses to protect you from these harms. So without further adieu, let’s get right in.

1. Gunnar Optiks PHA-04201

Certified By Doctors


  • Certified by doctors
  • Reflective coating on lens on both sides
  • MLG approved
  • Very lightweight and weight-balanced


  • Rims is thin so lens sometimes pop out

597 Reviews

Weight: 22g | Material: Stainless steel | Frame type: Full rim | Tinted lens: Yes

Gunnar is a well-known brand and sponsor, who wants their voice to be heard. With their premium grade accessories, Gunnar has been readily promoting awareness related to the health issues caused by long hours of watching digital screens. The PHA-04201 is among their highest quality lines of gaming glasses and it delivers well.

The PHA-04201 is in the Optiks line of products by Gunnar. The Optiks products are certified by professional doctors. That means that you’ve got certified professionals backing Gunnar’s claim against this pair of glasses. The PHA-04201 has a full rim and a broad frame, making it ideal for various head shapes and sizes. The nose pads are made of adjustable silicone pads so that all sorts of users can make full use of them.

The weight is very evenly distributed throughout meaning that there are no centralized pressure points. This makes a very strong case in favor of these glasses as they’re to be used for long hours. Moreover, their strategic design makes them ideal for use while even wearing headphones. Gunnar uses their patented lens material and tints for this pair. For users who already wear glasses, they can send in a prescription when placing their order and have a special lens fitted in these glasses. With the BPF65, PHA-04201 can block out 65% of blue light and 100% of UV, helping prevent long and short-term damages.

Gunnar’s PHA-04201 are top-grade glasses and they justify that with not just their amazing build quality but blockage of harmful rays as well. With a reflective coating on the lens, eye damage is minimized. Moreover, these are ideal for long-term uses as their well-thought design makes them incredibly comfortable and suitable for continuous long usage.

2. HyperX Gaming Eyewear

Gaming Looks


  • Fit very nicely to reduce headphone pressure
  • Minimize color distortion with MR-8
  • Reduce bright light penetration


  • Lack of nose hinges sometimes makes them slide down
  • No tint in the lens

323 Reviews

Weight: 26g | Material: Acetate plastic | Frame type: Half rimless | Tinted lens: No

The HyperX gaming glasses, while being slightly on the pricier side of the scale, make use of MR-8 technology to mitigate color distortion while maximizing BPF. While maybe not being as stylish as some of the other glasses in the list, due to their ease of use you’ll hardly even notice you’re wearing these bad boys.

The HyperX Gaming Eyewear has been made with very fine craftsmanship and that speaks volume itself. HyperX omitted the amber tint on the lens and instead decided to go for the traditional clear lens instead. This, coupled with the solid and a bit geeky design of these glasses hardly qualifies them as gaming glasses per se. With a molten orange color at the bottom and a brown gradient at the top, these glasses kind of look like standard reading glasses. Speaking of, these too can be ordered with custom Rx by sending HyperX a copy of the prescription.

As mentioned earlier, HyperX has not employed any tint with the lens. That is because of the MR-8 technology. By using a clear lens and that said technology, color distortion is minimized and you get full protection with long hour usage. These glasses can block out 70% of the blue light and UV light. They come with a hard protective case as well to keep them tucked in when not in use.

The HyperX Gaming Eyewear is on par with Gunnar Optiks PHA-04201 in terms of blocking out harmful rays. However, the design and aesthetics of these don’t feel anything special. They get the job done, sure, but don’t look as cool as PHA-04201. But, the frame design is still very flexible and strong making it able to endure drops, etc as well.

3. Gunnar PPK

FDA Approved Glasses


  • FDA approved


  • Price feels overly enthusiastic
  • Does not come with a cleaner
  • Lenses are relatively small
  • Fingerprints are hard to clean

261 Reviews

Weight: 25g | Material: Stainless steel | Frame type: Full rim | Tinted Lens: Yes

Gunnar PPK glasses are a very common weapon of choice for professional gamers. With interchangeable sockets, i-AMP technology, and much more, these pairs of glasses have secured the number 3 spot in our list.

The Gunnar PPK has a metallic frame with curved sides for a better all-rounded fit around the head. These frames are bendable and have high tensile strength. However first-time users of glasses may experience a bit too much force around their head when first using these. This takes some time to get used to but is troublesome for some first-timers. However, due to this curve, the headphones don’t actually pin the frames in which makes them very comfortable.

Like the previous Gunnar glasses, these too block out 65% blue right and 100% UV white light. Moreover, Gunnar PPK also makes use of i-AMP technology to reduce glare penetration and turns down the brightness. This ensures minimum eye strain and these glasses do that well.

There really isn’t much difference in terms of performance in the Gunnar PPK glasses. They block out the same percentage of blue light and UV radiation while being headphone compatible. However, they lose the lead in terms of their design. It feels like a hit or miss shot. If the head shape is compatible with the glasses, you’ll be fine. As a result, it might take some getting used to for you to feel fully comfortable wearing them.

4. Gamma Ray 003

Best Cheap Glasses


  • Resist scratches very easily
  • A hard case and cleaning cloth is provided at a low price


  • Big size often leaves marks on face
  • Plastic lens makes them hard to clean sometimes
  • Cleaning fingerprints is tough

24,509 Reviews

Weight: 23g | Material: TR90 Nylon | Frame type: Full rim | Tinted Lens: Yes

Moving further on with our list, we have Gamma Ray 003 glasses. Combine style, performance at an affordable price and you get the Gamma glasses.

These pairs have a full rim frame type made up of strong plastic. The lenses are non-polarized plastic and measure 55mm wide. Gamma Ray provides these with a magnification lens as well. You can choose the magnification factor according to the distance and size of the screen you use. The design is FDA and EU-approved and is very flexible however, we found the frame size to be somewhat large. The top portion of the frame is unnecessarily wide which sometimes causes trouble with headphones, especially wired headphones.

The Gamma Ray 003 can block out 60% of blue light and UV white light, just like you expect. In terms of helping prevent eye strain and fatigue, they lack behind the rest of the expensive models by a nick. But, Gamma takes that into account by making the price of these glasses very affordable and friendly.

Essentially, it all comes down to how comfortable the gaming glasses you want are In terms of how effectively the blocking of the dangerous lights, all gaming glasses perform somewhat similar. Similarly, the Gamma Ray 003 can block out most of the harmful blue lights but the relatively stiffer design does not really make them suitable for all consumers. Despite that, due to these pairs being incredibly cost-friendly, they are still very widely used and sold.

5. Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking 0x Magnification

With Money-Back Guarantee


  • Bright areas are often blurred out
  • 90 day money-back guarantee


  • Have a permanent glare on lens
  • Bright blue lights are just green-tinted
  • Hair is often stuck in hinges

1,006 Reviews

Weight: 20g | Material: TR90 Nylon and steel | Frame type: Half-rim | Tinted Lens: Yes

At the last, we again have another budget pair by Gamma Ray. With a low price of $15, you get a tinted lens, adjustable nose pads, and a very comfortable design.

These glasses by Gamma Ray have a half-rim design with a glass lens. With the purchase, you get a cleaning kit, adjustable nose pads for better comfort. The temples are made of flexible TR90 Nylon, therefore, they can easily grip the head with little extra force. Because of this, the comfort level is pretty good. However, as with the previous Gamma Ray glasses, these too, have a rather large frame size and thus, have a sort of hit or miss comfort level. You will either not even feel the glasses there or have a headache by the time you’re done.

Gamma Ray’s claim goes that these can block 97% of blue light and UV white lights. However, upon testing it, we found that this claim is far from true. That does not mean that the blocking is a total sham but false marketing always is a big downer. These glasses do the job however only at a satisfactory level.

These glasses by Gamma Ray may be at the bottom of the food chain in our list, but they’re still a viable choice for getting the job done. Additionally, the design is not too shabby given how surprisingly cheap they are but they’re nothing to be cheerful about. As a result, they’re recommended for people on a tight budget looking to reduce the fatigue that their eyes face, albeit not on a large scale.

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