Best Gaming Controllers for PCs To Buy In 2021

The hype of consoles versus PC gaming will always be there but there are more PC users now than ever and PC gaming has risen to a new extent. If you are somehow intrigued about the controllers for your PC games then yes; controllers do provide a better experience in many games which ultimately enhances your gaming experience as well.

Some people are more into the keyboard and mouse experience and do not want to switch over to controllers but once you get attached to a controller, there is no going back. This will be, in fact, an understatement for certain genres such as racing. The analogous features of the controllers are just way superior to the keyboard/mouse experience where the user can only input digitally. In this article, we will look upon some mighty controllers which will provide great companionship for all of your gaming needs.

Best Gaming Controllers: At A Glance

1. Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Optimized Design


  • Features tremendous customization
  • The unusual D-Pad creates immersion
  • Sublime quality of analog sticks and buttons


  • Not so gratifying for user with small hands
  • Should have been priced slightly lower

6,832 Reviews

Weight: 348g | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Battery: 2x AA

Microsoft Xbox Elite wireless controller is the perfect evolution of the Xbox controllers and it provides one of the best controller experiences over any other controller out there. The design of the controller provides a professional feel and the color scheme is amazing.

The low-friction ring in the analog sticks results in a very smooth gliding and the D-pad works very efficiently and inputs just according to the user’s will. The controller also provides additional buttons behind the controller which can be quite useful in certain situations, especially in racing games.

The controller allowed great customization with many interchangeable functionalities which can be handy for many users. It also provides an app through which any button can be reassigned. As long as you prefer this analog stick layout, this should probably be your first option for a controller, as it is a premium-quality product.

2. Sony Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller

Great Value


  • Regarded as the best stick configuration
  • Gyroscope results in a sweet experience
  • Much lighter than other controllers


  • Requires a 3rd party software to work on PC
  • A long-term battery would have been better instead of a rechargeable one

6,053 Reviews

Weight: 214g | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Battery: 1000mAh

The layout of the Sony Dual Shock 4 controller is highly regarded by professional gamers and this controller packs many features while offers a light-weight design. The controller has a touch-pad in the center above the analog sticks, although its functionality is negligible.

This controller provides an all-time superior experience when we consider all the aspects of a controller and that is why it offers great value. It felt much lighter than other controllers, although we really would have appreciated a non-rechargeable battery as charging the controller from time to time becomes a nuisance.

For the controller to work on a PC, the user is required to install a 3rd party software that tricks the windows into considering the controller as an Xbox controller. Still, this controller serves as a great alternative to the Xbox Elite controller and should be considered instead if you like the analog stick layout.

3. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Low Price


  • Provides best bang for the buck
  • Supported by most of the games natively
  • The design is amazingly sturdy


  • The D-pad provides a drastic experience
  • Looks are rather unimpressive

7,222 Reviews

Weight: 265g | Connectivity: 2.4GHz Wireless | Battery: 2x AA

Microsoft Xbox 360 controller, when it got out, created unrest in the masses and is still considered as one of the best all-rounders.

It has very basic functionalities but the controller provides a solid build quality and lasts a long time before you will be able to see any wear and tear. It is natively supported by most of the games and features a plug-and-play installation.

The controller felt very nice in hands and as for the buttons are concerned, they were fairly good apart from the D-pad which was improved in the Xbox One controller. If you got a low budget and still want to achieve the full experience of a controller, this product is the best bet for you.

4. Vavle Steam Controller

Unique Design


  • Usable in games not supporting controllers
  • Serves as a versatile alternative to mouse and keyboard
  • Sterling build quality


  • Requires a hefty learning curve
  • Pretty uncomfortable in hands

4,488 Reviews

Weight: 287g | Connectivity: 2.4GHz Wireless | Battery: 500mAh rechargeable OR 2x AA

Valve Steam controller is quite a unique controller and its functionalities are not like any other product. The basic idea of this controller is to provide functionality in games where the controllers are not supported.

The grips of the controller are much larger than other controllers but this is done to allow the user to have more control over the touch-pads.

The controller gives a strange feeling at first but after some time, feels quite normal, although it will take a lot of time for someone accustomed to the Xbox or DS4 layout. Like it or not, it is the only shot for you as long as you want to get the experience of a controller in games that do not provide any support for controllers.

5. Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Premium Features


  • RGB lighting results in fabulous aesthetics
  • Buttons feel much pleasant than other controllers
  • Provides four additional buttons for ease of use


  • Priced way higher than other controllers
  • A wireless mode could have been great help

5,958 Reviews

Weight: 272g | Connectivity: Wired | Battery: N/A

Razer Wolverine Ultimate, just like the other Razer products, provides stunning aesthetics and offers Razer Chroma RGB lighting which can be synced with other peripherals and devices.

The design of the controller is very efficient, the grips have a textured material and there are four buttons on the lower side of the controller for volume and other functionalities. Moreover, there are four petal-like buttons behind the controller which is good for racing games.

The buttons of a controller have a clicky feel to them just like a mouse. This creates a big difference between this controller and other controllers and we like this feature as it provides the user with clear feedback. It comes with a 10-ft long wire which can be a little too long for most of the scenarios but better long than short, right? This controller comes at a steep price and hereby affordable for only the elite-class gamers, to whom it provides a splendid experience.

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