Best Gaming Chairs under $200

For many gamers, the notion of a gaming chair does not spark up the necessary incentive for them to go out of their way to seek out a kickass gaming chair well crafted for their personal needs and preferences. But the seasoned gamers are well aware of the keynote value of gaming chairs, which confers comfort and positive spinal health by maintaining an optimal sitting posture that protects you from back pain, in the long run.

So, make sure to spare some decent budget for your gaming chair if you plan to sit on your butt for hours because your spinal health depends on it. However, finding the right gaming chair can get a bit intimidating. In 2020, we have a lot of different options to choose from and from a variety of different manufacturers.

That’s why we have put together this guide to help you find the perfect gaming chair for your needs. Since gaming chairs can get quite expensive, we decided to stick to a budget of about $200. We assure you most people will definitely find something for them in this list.

1. Homall Executive Gaming Chair

Best Overall

  • High Density shaping Foam
  • Wide range of features
  • Class-3 gas lift verified by SGS
  • Persistent smell
  • Non-adjustable armrests

3,736 Reviews

Load Capacity: 330lbs | Recline: 90-180° | Foot-rest: Yes

This chair is a fine marry between price and performance at a pocket-friendly price tag.  It offers supreme comfort with its durable high-density foams, shaped cotton seat, moveable headrest, and lumbar support which gently envelop your body to give the spine soft support.

It comes in three different colors, namely, blue, red and white with fine PU leather which is spill-resistant so you don’t have to worry about stains even on the white covering.

Soon as you unpack it, it’ll greet you with a weird smell by the virtue of “off-gassing”, a flame-resistant coating on the PU leather, which may prove unpleasant to some sensitive people.

This chair can dance around your room seamlessly with the 360-degree swivel and 5 rubber casters along with their PU rubber rollers which are tested through 100 miles rolling.

You can further explore its freedom by reclining the chair all the way down to 180 degrees. Do you want to relax? It can rock back and forth for you. Are you focused on the game? The tilt limiter will let you lock the back seat in any position you want. Despite all these flexible features, the armrests are not adjustable which is a slight annoyance and they are rather fragile.

To summarize, it is a good run for your money considering the spectrum of features it packs at a reasonable price tag with a warranty for damaged or missing parts within 1 year of its purchase. The only thing missing here is a foot-rest but considering how much it brings to the table, that omission can be easily dismissed.

2. GT Racing Gaming Chair


  • Strong metal frame
  • Solid build
  • 5- point base
  • Plastic base
  • Shaky armrests

2,248 Reviews

Load Capacity: 300lbs | Recline: 90-170° | Foot-rest: N/A

It would be no exaggeration if I go ahead and declare it as the elite chair in its price range which is on par with the expensive high-end chairs. It comes at a generous price tag packing a strong punch that mirrors high-end chairs like DX Racer. It quenches your visual need for an aggressive-looking racing style chair with impressive pattern designs and diverse color schemes.

You can choose from all black, black/red, Gt000-gray/Black (which stands out among its peers due to its stunning visuals), Gt002-Blue/Black, and lastly Gt901 (which obviates the bucket style seat).

Any concern regarding the crooked stitching should be excluded. All the color schemes have detailed stitching and meticulously designed patterns that can be observed in every aspect from top to all the way down to accented footpads and matching rim style of wheels.

It is a well-made chair with a sturdy steel frame for durability covered by soft foam all wrapped in very soft PU leather which is spill-resistant.  Just like traditional racing car seats, its backrest and sides cuddle up around your body to wrap it gently.

How can we forget the cornerstones of a great racing style chair? The mobility and reclining, which is remarkably crafted allowing you to tilt back all the way to 180 degrees with proper locking mechanism.

Armrests made out of fine rubber material tend to get shaky at times but it is a meager minus point compared to the overall mobility offered by the chair. The neck pillow and lumbar cushion are moveable and detachable with the help of straps to whatever position you deem comfortable.

Due to its slightly tighter fitting, people with larger body builds might complain about the bucket seat posing a certain degree of inconvenience while sitting and trying to spread their legs. For such users, Gt901 is recommended which encompasses a thicker seat cushion and goes around the bucket seat style with the reduced height of sides.

But why is it in the second spot? Well, it all of it actually comes down to personal preference. I felt that the Homall Executive looks and feels like it’s put together much better. Unlike the plastic base on this one, the Homall chair has a robust base and the armrests feel more comfortable as well. But if we’re talking aesthetics, the GT Racing chair wins out due to the abundance of color options (the grey/black version really stands out).

3. Furmax Gaming/Office Chair

A Sleeper Hit

  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment
  • All leather chair
  • Ergonomic
  • Slightly fragile
  • No locking in the reclined state

22,675 Reviews

Load Capacity: 280lbs | Recline: Conventional tilt back mechanism | Foot-rest: N/A

This classy looking black beauty can be employed both as an office and gaming chair. It comes in four colors with black as the main color.  When it comes to costs, it even stomps the previous two entries in this list.

Does it pack enough features in such a low budget? Yes, of course, its ergonomic finesse is not restricted by the budget to an overt extent. You don’t come across an all leather chair in this price range, smooth leathery feel without any obstinate leather smell along with padded armrests just fits in right for the definition of “satisfaction”.

It efficiently fulfills the prerequisites of a comfortable gaming chair with proper fixed lumbar support and headrest conferring a  proper alignment for your spine. Its build is strikingly hospitable with high backrest, which is sturdy yet forgiving, and wide seat which even allows you to tuck your legs in.

In terms of movement, you can recline it back easily, with rocking back and forth feature present, but we noticed that the chair as a whole tilts back instead of the backrest.

It also comes short in locking mechanism in a reclined position, nonetheless, you can lock it in the upright position. It has a 5-star base with 360-degree swivels and a smooth rubber PU caster which prevents marking and scratching.  If you have a large body build with a weight of 280lb plus and above 6.1ft, this chair might prove a little small for you as there is no neck support for a person that tall.

It might be a bit smaller for people who are taller or have a larger body overall. It also doesn’t feel as sturdy as the previous entries.  To summarize, if you’re looking for an inexpensive chair for your office work or gaming for a moderate span of time daily, this chair will give you a good run for your money. It has its quirks but considering it can easily fit into an office, it deserves a spot on this list.

4. OFM Essentials Racing Style Chair

Utter Simplicity

  • Durable
  • Upholstered in SofThread Leather
  • No proper recline
  • No tilt locking mechanism

18,489 Reviews

Load Capacity: 275lbs | Recline: Conventional tilt back mechanism | Foot-rest: N/A

This is a well-balanced racing style chair crafted for extended hours of gaming and office work available at a ‘Bang for the buck’ price tag. What really makes it stand out is the unique segmented contoured padding of the backrest and seat. The padding is stiff at first which will gradually break into a soft cushion with premium comfort for your body. It comes with a rich color scheme of 7 (black, white, red, blue, yellow, gray, green, and purple).

It has soft leather alternating with a colored mesh fabric optimized for effective heat dissipation. The colored mesh segment at the front edge of the seat is slightly lowered in order to allow good blood circulation through your legs protecting you from the danger of cold legs and heat through mesh fabric. It has unique flip-up arms so you can wiggle around on the seat to your heart’s content or push the seat as close to the table as possible.

The armrests have meshed soft cushions which are a bit rough in texture which is a possible caveat for those who have sensitive skin/forearms. The casters are tested by rolling them over for 40 miles to affirm their toughness for smooth rolling and all-day use. The front to back durability is confirmed through tilt-tested for 100,000 times for complete mechanical peace of mind. The impact tested sturdy frame can withstand 275 lb weight for long-lasting use.

It is not so permissive when it comes to reclining, it does allow you to tilt back in order to find that comfortable spot but that may require a slight leg strength to keep you in that spot. There is a screw below the seat which allows you to adjust the tension of recline.

It contours effectively around your back to provide adequate support to your spine through padded headrest, with an ergonomically designed window for breathability, and integrated lumbar support. It is a bit on the smaller side of gaming chairs, but maybe you’ll prefer it over the other flashy options on this list. If it had a proper reclining action and was a bit more accessible to people with a larger body, we would rank this higher.

5. Respawn RSP-110 Gaming Chair

Form Over Function

  • Easy to put together
  • Bonded Leather feels good
  • Minimal and sleek look
  • Arm-rests are a bit fragile
  • Not the most robust

23,652 Reviews

Load Capacity: 275lbs | Recline: 90-155° | Foot-rest: Yes

The Respawn 110 just might be our favorite chair when it comes to design and aesthetics. When it comes to colors, we have a huge lot to pick from. The chair itself is mostly back, but you can pick from a variety of different accent colors ranging from blue, green, pink, grey, purple, orange and several more. At first glance, it feels solid and supportive which is a good sign.

The material used for the cushions and the padding is bonded leather. It doesn’t look cheap in any way, but long term durability could be questionable. The chair is quite easy to put together, and it won’t take you more than 15-20 minutes. This means that the Respawn 110 is an exception as other chairs can take a while to put together. The foot-rest is a great addition, although it could be a bit sturdier.

As for comforts, we don’t have too many complaints in this department. The foot-rest is easy to flip out, and long sessions don’t cause fatigue or back pain. You can recline it to about 155°, which isn’t as much as the others on this list, but still good enough. The reclining feature also has a locking mechanism, which is always a good addition.

However, the material used in this chair is quite dense. It’s not very breathable, which can become a problem in the summer season. The major con is the arm-rests. They are extremely wobbly and fragile, so we’re not too confident with the build quality on those.

Overall, we do like the look of the chair, and it goes on sale a lot of times. For the retail price, you might be better off with others on this list. But if you really like the look of it, and can deal with the arm-rests being a bit fragile, it’s not a bad buy at all.

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