Best Folder Locking Software for Windows 10

All of us know that as technology is progressing, the number of threats associated with it is also growing exponentially. Almost all of the computer users these days are well-aware of cybercrimes and the risks that they pose on our private data. This is why we always look for ways to protect our important information. Now this protection can fall into the following two categories:

  • You can recover your hacked data if you have created its backup.
  • You can restrict all the intruders from accessing your personal data in the first place.

If we talk about a folder locking software, then it falls into the second category of protection as it prevents any unauthorized access to your private data. If your data matters to you a lot and you just cannot imagine compromising it, then you must be in a dire need of a good folder locking software. This is why we have assembled for you a list of 5 Best Folder Locking Software for Windows 10. Let us go through this article quickly so that you can find out which folder locking software you can get immediately to protect your sensitive and confidential data.

1. Folder Lock

Folder Lock is the most downloaded folder locking software by for the Windows operating system. This software allows you to Password Protect your important files and folders to limit the unwanted access to them. Its Kernal Level Locking feature even lets you lock your files in Windows Safe Mode. This folder locking software enables you to Encrypt your files for additional security. Moreover, you can also create Storage Lockers for keeping your important files and folders.

Folder Lock allows you to back up your critical data in two ways. You can either keep your files and folders locally in your Storage Lockers or you can even upload them to Cloud. It not only encrypts your data but also enables you to migrate it to a USB or burn it on to a CD or a DVD in order to make it more portable and easily accessible. The Make Wallets feature of this software lets you create storage wallets for keeping your credit and debit cards related information. In this way, you can easily keep your personal information highly organized.

Folder Lock

Another important feature of Folder Lock is Clean History. As the name implies, this feature allows you to clear all your browsing history by removing each and every bit of your online digital footprints. Apart from that, this feature also lets you clear your offline history. This will prevent others from knowing your activities by spying on you. Last but not least, if you want to permanently delete some of your personal data without leaving any traces of it or letting anyone else recover it, you can make use of the Shred Files feature of Folder Lock.

As far as the pricing of this folder locking software is concerned, then it offers us a free trial version whereas the paid full version costs $39.95 which is a one time cost.

Folder Lock Pricing

2. SecretFolder

SecretFolder is a free folder locking utility designed especially for the Windows operating system. This folder locking software is perfect for the people who do not wish to spend their money on securing their data but still need a good tool for doing so. SecretFolder allows you to Password Protect your important files and folders. Once you manage to protect your critical data with it, no one will be able to access it without knowing the password. The most exciting feature of this software is that once you protect your folders with SecretFolder, then people will not be able to access it even with the help of Command Prompt.

Secret Folder

The Protected Uninstall feature of SecretFolder prevents any intruder from deleting or uninstalling your data even if he has gained the access of your computer system because for doing so, he will need to know the password. There is no limit on the number of folders that you can protect at a time with the help of this software. SecretFolder supports the following four file systems: NTFS, FAT, FAT32, and exFAT. Moreover, there is also no limit on the size of the folder that you want to protect with the help of SecretFolder. This feature makes it great for securing large-sized data.

3. IObit Protected Folder

Protected Folder is a folder locking software designed for the Windows operating system by IObit. This is a very simple and easy to use software that aims at securing your personal data without even the need of going through any lengthy procedures. You can make your important files and folders to disappear for others by making use of the Hide from View feature of this software. You can also restrict others from modifying your critical data with the help of the Write Protection feature of this software which only grants you, the permission to modify your files and nobody else.

IObit Protected Folder

This software presents you with two different ways of protecting your folders. You can either make use of the Block Access feature or you can use the Privacy Protection feature. In the former case, your protected folders can be seen by others but they will not be able to access them whereas in the latter case, all of your protected data goes into a Password Folder. The contents of this folder are not visible to anyone until and unless they know the password. This high level of protection prevents your data from being theft or stolen. IObit Protected Folder offers you a free trial version whereas the paid version costs $19.95.

IObit Protected Folder Pricing

4. Folder Guard

Folder Guard is a folder locking software for the Windows operating system that is developed by Winability Software. This software allows you to Password Protect all of your important files or folders either separately or all together with the help of Master Password. You can make your personal data invisible for others by making use of the Hide Personal Files and Folders feature of Folder Guard. You can specify the access rights for certain users through the Restrict Access feature.

The most helpful feature of this software is that it not only protects your local files and folders but it also has the capability of protecting your network folders. Moreover, you can also restrict the access to your removable drives such as CDs and Flash Drives with the help of this software. You can also define your customized keyboard shortcuts for resuming and pausing your folder protection.

Folder Guard

Another amazing feature of this software is called the Stealth Mode. You can enable it whenever you want Folder Guard to hide its own files and shortcuts from the scene so that no one can know that you are trying to protect your sensitive data. Last but not least, if you ever forget about the password of your protected files and folders, then you can simply make use of the Emergency Recovery Utility in order to regain your access to your protected folders.

Folder Guard offers us the following three pricing plans:

  • Free Trial- This trial plan is absolutely free of cost.
  • Personal License- This plan costs $39.95.
  • Business License- This plan is worth $79.95.
Folder Guard Pricing

5. Secret Disk

Secret Disk is a folder locking software brought to us by PrivacyRoot for the Windows operating system. The working of this folder locking software is a bit different from that of traditional folder locking software. Instead of creating password protected folders, this software creates a Virtual Disk on your PC. This virtual disk is then used to store all the sensitive information. Once you have added all your private files and folders to this disk, you can simply Password Protect it in order to limit its access only to the persons who know that password. You can also make this virtual disk along with all of its contents Invisible to make people unaware of its existence.

Secret Disk

This software also enables you to select any appropriate Drive Letter for identifying your virtual secret disk. You can even have multiple virtual secret disks on your PC. Moreover, the size of this virtual secret disk is also unlimited. The important point to be noted here is that Secret Disk does not encrypt your files and folders. It only limits their access.

Secret Disk offers us the following two versions:

  • Secret Disk Basic- This version of Secret Disk is free of cost.
  • Secret Disk Pro- This version costs $14.95.
Secret Disk Pricing
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