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FIX: Steps to Fix Epson Printer Error 0x10

Epson is one of the largest manufacturers of computer hardware like printers around the world. It is a mainstream brand with much of its focus on home printing. Whether it’s the Epson Stylus, Expression or the Workforce model, no electronic device, especially a printer can keep itself away from an error for too long.

Many users have reported getting an “error code: 0x10” while operating their new Epson printer. Some of them have even reported getting this error on their old Epson printer too. They can also follow this guide. This error code generally indicates a fault in the scanner area of the printer, when the scan mechanism gets jammed or another internal hardware fault. Power surges and even wear and tear from normal usage can cause this to an old printer. If you have already tried restarting the printer, then follow this guide to see if the problem gets resolved here, or else you’ll have to contact Epson support center, and claim it’s warranty if it’s still in warranty.

Solution 1: Physical Inspection

An obstruction on the scanner area can cause this error.

Lift the lid over the glass, and search for any foreign particle like pieces of paper with a flash light.

If you see any, carefully remove it without damaging the surrounding hardware.

Solution 2: Reset the Printer

Unplug the power from the printer.

Wait for a few minutes. Now press and hold the Power button on the printer for a minimum 60 seconds, and keep holding. Now plug the power back into the printer while holding the power button for about 60 seconds more and then check if your problem still persists and it shows the same error.

If yes, then you’ll have to claim its warranty. And if it is not in warranty, you can still contact Epson support by going to this link. Enter your printer’s model, and select the exact model from the results.

On the support page for your model, click Contact Support in the bottom. Contact them on the given numbers.


  1. Epson printer’s are becoming a complete pain in the arse!! every 2nd time you use it, it comes up with printer in Error state!! after a while we get sick of this crap and move onto another brand, something I’m about to do there! must be more to life than this crappy equipment!!

  2. Am glad i ran into this discussion. I have a Et2550 epson with error code ox10. Actually i just received it in the mail where someone shipped it to me with the ink in it. Ink ran all over the outside of the printer and i cleaned most all of it. There is no ink that i can see where the ink heads go back and forth in that area. However the reason i think i am getting this error code is because there is a little ink splattered on the inside of the scanner..inside of the glass. Question is how do i get this thing apart to clean it? I took out six screws and took the top lid off, but cant get under the top part to the underneath part of the glass.. It doesnt give way easily and i am afraid ill crack the plastic if i force it. Is the outer shell made to just pop off? Anyone know?

  3. Try trouble shooting in devices and printers…Trouble shooting fixed error by making my printer the DEFAULT printer.

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FIX: Steps to Fix Epson Printer Error 0x10

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