5 Best External Hard Drives For PS4 In 2021

Sony’s PlayStation 4 surely is a force to be reckoned with. They have been dominating for quite some time now, and the statistics are proof of that. The PS4 has been the go-to console for most people for a while now. However, there’s one small issue here. Obviously, the most popular model is the base PS4 with a measly 500 gigabytes of storage. In 2021, we all know that’s not enough to cut it.

Games are getting bigger in terms of scale, graphics, and immersion. So, file sizes are also much larger these days than they were in the PS2 or PS3 era. Some examples are Red Dead Redemption 2, Modern Warfare, and The Last Of Us Part II. If you have more than a couple of games installed, those 500 gigs run out fast.

This is why it’s no surprise to see that external hard drives are incredibly popular among PS4 owners. There is no shortage of choice when it comes to these drives. External hard drives are a quick way to give your console more storage. So, here are some of the best external hard drives for the PS4.

1. Western Digital My Passport Portable Hard Drive

Best Overall


  • Streamlined design
  • Extremely reliable
  • Lots of storage options
  • Great performance


  • None

21,058 Reviews

Connectivity: USB 3.0 | Type: HDD | Storage Capacities: 1TB - 5TB

Not a lot of storage companies have the legacy and brand recognition that Western Digital has accumulated over the years. For a lot of people, when they think of hard drives, they think of Western Digital. So, it’s only natural that they are also the top pick for an external PS4 hard drive.

The WD My Passport Hard Drive is everything a PS4 user could ask for, and that too at a reasonable price. The Passport was updated with a new design last year, and it looks better than ever. The overall look is more streamlined, and you can easily palm it in your hand.

If you want to hide the drive in your entertainment center, you can do so easily with this drive. There are three color options to pick from if that matters to you. Honestly, the blue and red colors are a bit striking and hard to camouflage, so we recommend going for whichever option ends up being cheaper.

It has a USB 3.0 interface and 4TB of storage. If you want 4 terabytes of storage, you’ll also want reliability to keep your data safe. That’s exactly what Western Digital is known for. If you ever want to use it for a PC, it has password protection and 256-bit encryption built-in.

Overall, this is the external drive when it comes to storage space and reliability. A no-brainer for those who are always anxious about running out of space.

2. Toshiba Canvio Advance External Hard Drive

Unparalled Value


  • Gorgeous design
  • Small and portable
  • Lots of color options
  • Great value


  • Higher storage variants are relatively expensive

20,760 Reviews

Connectivity: USB 3.0 | Type: HDD | Storage Capacities: 1TB - 4TB

Who said external hard drives have to look like boring pieces of plastic? While you can get the Toshiba Canvio Advance in the plain old black color, there are more options available. Apart from that, the Canvio Advance external hard drive is arguably the best value out there for PS4 users.

This PS4 external hard drive has 1 terabyte of storage and used the USB 3.0 interface. You can get a higher storage variant, but the real value is in the 1TB option. Realistically, 1TB of external storage should be enough for most people if we consider the built-in PS4 storage as well. In terms of design, the Canvio is one of the better looking external drives out there.

Everything about the design screams minimal, sleek, and modern. The footprint isn’t that large, and the drive itself can be pocketable, depending on the scenario. You can get this drive in White, Red, Black, and Blue colors. For those who want to play into the black and blue Sony theme, the Canvio looks exceptional in the Blue color. As for reliability and transfer speeds, they’re both quite good here.

The only thing bad about it is that the higher storage variants aren’t the best value. So if you want a bigger drive, looking elsewhere might be a better idea. Otherwise, this is an excellent drive for the money.

3. WD Black P10 Game Drive External Hard Drive

Fan Favorite


  • Made specifically for consoles
  • Industrial design
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • A bit pricier than competition
  • Can get loud occasionally

21,669 Reviews

Connectivity: USB 3.0 | Type: HDD | Storage Capacities: 2TB - 5TB

It’s a common theme these days for manufacturers to slap the word “gaming” on every one of their products. However, we can’t hate on it too much when the products look good and work as advertised. The WD P10 Game Drive is compact, well designed, and reliable.

In terms of design, the P10 Game Drive is a tad bit smaller than other external hard drives. It’s not a massive difference, but it is noticeable in a side by side comparison. You can easily hide this drive inside your entertainment center.

If you decide to display it, we’re happy to see that this drive isn’t just a black slab like others. The four screws at each corner and the textured design come together to give it an industrial look. The font used for the logo reminds us of the one we’ve seen in Call Of Duty games so many times. A subtle nod, but one that the keen eye will appreciate.

You can get this drive-in up to 5 terabytes, which means you can roughly store over 100 games on it. It is reliable and uses USB 3.0. The only knock we have against it is that it can get loud at times, especially when you’re pushing it.

It’s maybe a bit more expensive than other brands, but that’s the premium you pay for the design and reliability.

4. LaCie Rugged Mini External Hard Drive

Best Durability


  • Extremely rugged
  • Decent performance
  • Rain and drop resistance


  • Expensive
  • Design is not for everyone

11,185 Reviews

Connectivity: USB 3.0 | Type: HDD | Storage Capacities: 1TB - 8TB

Next up, we have a hard drive that is marketed at a very specific audience. At first, a market for rugged hard drives might not seem that big, but the Amazon figures say otherwise. If you also happen to be one of those people that need a rugged hard drive for travel or other reasons, the LaCie Rugged Mini is a good option to go for.

The best thing about this hard drive is all the different variants you can go for. This Mini version only supports USB 3.0. However, if you decide to switch out your hard drive after some time and want to use it with a laptop, getting the Thunderbolt one is a better idea. You can go from 1 terabyte all the way up to 8 terabytes. However, they can get a bit expensive, so we recommend sticking with the 1TB model if you want to save some money

The outer shell of the Rugged Mini has a very thick rubber coating on all sides. This thing can take a beating for sure, so that’s not something to worry about. It is drop resistant (up to 4ft), rain resistant, and even pressure resistant. If you need all of that for whatever reason, LaCie has got you covered.

With that said, if you don’t need a rugged drive, there really isn’t a strong reason that remains to get this one. Plus, the bright orange shell stands out, so the design won’t be for everyone.

5. Seagate Game Drive For PS4 Special Edition

Best Design


  • Incredibly designed
  • Slim and portable
  • Solid construction


  • Very expensive
  • Only comes in 2TB
  • Not the most practical choice

460 Reviews

Connectivity: USB 3.0 | Type: HDD | Storage Capacities: 2TB

Last but definitely not least, we have something incredibly special. The Seagate Game Drive has been of the most popular external hard drives since its inception. This special edition featuring The Last Of Us Part II design is a showstopper, without a doubt.

This drive is officially licensed for PS4. So, rest assured, it is going to work perfectly fine without any issues. They were extremely focused on the design for this one, as it isn’t just a cash grab. The PS4 logo in the corner and the giant logo for the game are done quite well. They even etched in the tattoo Ellie has inside the game. Stuff like this is dream come true for Sony fanatics.

Sadly, the special edition is only available in the 2 terabyte variant. If you want more storage, you’ll have to look elsewhere, which is disappointing. Keep in mind that since this is a limited edition, it is very expensive. For just a bit more, you could easily get a 4TB model, which isn’t doing this drive any favors.

Either way, none of that takes away the incredible design of this thing. So, you are the type who cares about that, this is something you’ll cherish for a while.

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