Best Dual Monitor Stands To Buy In 2021

In 2021, PC building is not just about the specs or the performance. In fact, things have changed quite drastically in the past few years. These days, aesthetics and the whole look of a setup are just as important as anything else. Because of this, dual monitor setups have gained more popularity in the past few years. This style of setup works well for productivity and looks good while doing so. However, things can get crowded quite easily. A dual-monitor stand can truly end up saving your day.

Dual-monitor stands free up the workplace, offer flexible configurations, and make the setup look neater than usual. There are a lot of options you can go for, but we have cherry-picked some of the best. Here are our favorite dual monitor stands in 2021.

1. Vivo Dual Monitor Stand V002

Best Value Stand


  • Wide articulation
  • Easy installation
  • Comes in three different styles
  • Clips for cable management


  • Screws are not threaded so screwing them in needs to be very precise

34,733 Reviews

VESA Standard: 100x100mm and 75x75mm | Supported Monitor Size: 13'' - 27'' | Degree of Rotation: 360 degree rotation and 180 degree swivel | Base Type: Clamp

Desk mount, freestanding and tall desk- the Vivo V002 stand comes with these 3 styles. With a low price, wide circle articulation, and cable management system, this stand has it all. This Vivo mount can fit in screens of sizes 13” to 27” on its mounts. The two mounts are Vesa standardized and are easily compatible with a vast number of monitors out there. The adjustable arms offer +90 to -90 degree tilts, 360-degree rotation, and 180-degree swivels.

Moreover, the height and length of the arms can be adjusted along the center axis, to find the ideal viewing angle. The bases of all 3 styles- desk mount, freestanding and tall desk, are very strong and well built. The desk mount has a clamp that is to be tightened around the back of the desk. It is safe to say that your monitors will be well secured with the Vivo V002. Moreover, thanks to the detachable clips provided, cable management is made a cinch as these clips firmly hold the monitor cables.

The Vivo V002 mount is a rather inexpensive gem. With a low price, this one offers full rotational and viewing angles. All of this ensures that minimum strain is put on the neck and eyes by allowing you to set the perfect angle. Moreover, with the guide provided, the installation takes only a few minutes as the detachable Vesa brackets are easily screwed in place.

2. Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand

Futuristic Design


  • Easy height adjustment
  • Strong aluminum and steel arms
  • No base stand


  • Screws must be loosened to move the monitors
  • Doesn't support heavy weights very well

2,238 Reviews

VESA Standard: 100x100mm and 75x75mm | Supported Monitor Size: 15'' - 27'' | Degree of Rotation: 360 degree rotation and 180 degree swivel | Base Type: Clamp

Gas loaded springs, C clamp compatibility, and heavyweight support, this is the Huanuo stand. This stand comes with a clamp that tightly grips the back of the table to uphold the dual monitors. This Huanuo stand has the standard Vesa 75x75mm and 100x100mm brackets. It can hold monitors of 15” – 27” wide however has a maximum weight threshold of 17.6lbs.

Unlike most dual monitor stands, this one uses gas-loaded springs instead of mechanical ones. This allows the monitors to stay firmly in position and eliminating flimsy vibratory motions. The gas springs have a rotational adjustment range of 13.8″. Premium grade steel and metals on the clamps ensure that the arms of the stand are sturdy and durable. Moreover, by adjusting the heights, you can lift the monitors until a suitable adjustment is found. This will make sure that the minimum neck and eye strain is placed on your body.

The Huanuo stand has a bit higher price than the Vivo stand and it tries to justify that by gas-loaded springs. In all honesty, the mechanical springs on Vivo stand worked just as well. Moreover, this stand has no base and instead, only has a C clamp. This ensures that minimum space is wasted on your desk, making you utilize more space for other tasks.

3. AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand

Durable Design


  • Easy height adjustment
  • Strong aluminum and steel arms
  • No base stand


  • Clamp size is small for large desks
  • Side by side display only

1,838 Reviews

VESA Standard: 100x100mm and 75x75mm | Supported Monitor Size: 13'' - 27'' | Degree of Rotation: 180 degree swivel | Base Type: Clamp

With the name AmazonBasics, you’re guaranteed to receive a product of the highest standard. The strong extendable and retractable arms and perfectly aligns the two monitors for ideal side-by-side display.

AmazonBasics dual monitor stand has aluminum-made arms with gas springs in them. When fitted, these arms hold up the monitors perfectly well and make sure that they remain in a stable position. It offers 70 degree tilts with the ability to switch the monitors in portrait mode or landscape mode. The arms are put to good use when the monitors are used for side-by-side displays only. With the tightly constructed arms, monitors of up to 20lbs are supported with this stand. The motion of the adjustable arms is very smooth and can easily be pushed into an ideal spot for ergonomic viewing.

AmazonBasics dual monitor stand is very loved and widely used. It cuts the use for a wide base by making sure that the arms are held in place with strong, tight clamps. Moreover, with the support for Vesa 100x100mm and 75x75mm, a wide array of monitors are supported. The price is a bit on the more expensive side however if you want to make sure your monitors are doing what you want them to do, AmazonBasics stand is the way to go.

4. North Bayou Monitor Stand

For Budget Users


  • Comes with a C clamp and Grommet mount
  • 2 USB ports in the mount


  • Can not hold heavy weighted monitors
  • Restricted sized compatibility
  • No extra VESA screws

2,285 Reviews

VESA Standard: 100x100mm and 75x75mm | Supported Monitor Size: 17'' - 27'' | Degree of Rotation: 360 degree rotation and 180 degree swivel| Base Type: Clamp

For the fourth product on our list, we recommend the North Bayou stand. This one has a strong built about it, feels very durable but suffers from troublesome installation.

The North Bayou stand makes use of plastic rather than traditional steel. The build does not raise any questions about grip strength. However, this does raise some concerns about durability. Since primarily this stand is constructed using plastic, it can only withstand a weight of 14.3lbs per arm. Apart from that, the grips are firm but they do vibrate a lot at the hinges when a little pressure is applied. The arms can be adjusted in any way desired by the users. It offers a wide articulating mount with a full 360-degree rotation, +35 to -50 degree tilts, and 180-degree swivels.

The arms feel a little tight when moved around, but it is to be expected with the plastic build and low cost. These do have an integrated cable management system so that all the cables leading up to the monitors are organized and kept tidy.

This dual monitor stand comes in at a low price, however, makes some sacrifices to make up for that. The plastic build leaves some doubts about the long-term durability of this product. Despite that, the grips are firm and those who are on a tight budget will find this to be a very satisfactory stand.

5. WALI Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand

Easy Assembly


  • Very easy to assemble and install
  • Adjusting of arm is easy and offers wide variations


  • Does not hold different monitors at same heights
  • Base needs more weight for it to be stable
  • Cable clips are weak

5,627 Reviews

VESA Standard: 100x100mm and 75x75mm | Supported Monitor Size: 15'' - 27'' | Degree of Rotation: 360 degree-rotation and 180-degree swivel | Base Type: Clamp

Last but not least, we have the inexpensive WALI dual monitor stand. This one is compatible with almost all LCDs, LEDs and even monitors lesser than 27 inches. This stand is a quick and easy solution for folks looking to jump into the dual monitor display system.

The WALI stand is made of plastic and metallic pieces combined, offering a somewhat stable hold on the monitors. Users have reported that the screws and Vesa mounts feel a bit finicky so it is advised that you keep a screwdriver close by.

This stand has a maximum weight rating of just shy of 14lbs, meaning that the grips don’t really feel tight. Moreover, considering the range of supported monitor sizes, the base seems to not have a lot of ground as support. However, it was pleasing to see that cable management is very neatly and tidily cleaned up with this stand. And, with the detachable Vesa mounts, the installation is made very easy and quick.

The WALI stand has nothing special about it. The build quality doesn’t seem to ignite any flames of strength and durability. Moreover, the plastic hinges feel not very durable when larger screens are attached. However, it still manages to hold the two monitors at their required positions. The price is cheap so this might be what very budgeted people look for when they want a quick solution to their dual monitor needs.

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