Best DisplayPort Cables In 2021: For 8K, 4K-HDR and High-Refresh Rate Monitors

Let’s say you just bought a new fancy monitor. It’s definitely the most important aspect of a great setup, so you wouldn’t want to pair that with an inferior DisplayPort cable. Most monitors have actually improved in this department, as they ship with high-quality cables. However, let’s say you accidentally break yours or it stops working. Time to shop for a new one, we assume that’s why you’re here.

However, you should know that not all DisplayPort cables are made the same. There are a few key differences. For example, some might not work fully with HDR, others might have issues with higher refresh rates like at 144Hz. There is also the matter of DisplayPort 1.2 (4K at 60Hz) and DisplayPort 1.4 (8K at 60Hz). That does matter if you are going for a really high resolution.

Cable length also matters if you want to hook up multiple displays to the same PC. One display might be further away, or you might want to connect a TV. However, keep in mind longer cables can have more potential flickering issues than shorter ones.

With all that said, we’ll try to cover some of the best DisplayPort cables so you won’t be wandering around mindlessly.

1. Club3D DisplayPort 1.4 Cable

Best Overall


  • Flawless 8K support
  • VESA certified
  • Solid construction
  • Extremely reliable


  • None

1,460 Reviews

Version: DisplayPort 1.4 | HDR Support: Yes

There really isn’t much to say here, this cable is the real deal. If you are looking for the absolute best DisplayPort 1.4 cable, this is definitely the one. You can find it in various lengths from 1 meter to 5 meters. It works with 8K at 60Hz and 4K at 144Hz. This also makes it the best option for gaming monitors, as high-resolution refresh rate gaming is not an issue with this cable.

It’s also worth mentioning that this cable is VESA certified, which means it is officially compliant with the DisplayPort 1.4 standard. There are a lot of cables out there that don’t mention it, so this is a good thing to have off your mind. Apart from that, the cable is built well, and the retention clips are solid. Unlike others, they never feel too tight, so disconnecting and connecting is easy.

It is an extremely reliable cable, which means you just need to buy once and forget it. We know it’s hard to get excited over a cable, but this is the best you can buy.

2. iVanky DisplayPort 1.2 Cable

Metallic Aesthetics


  • Solid braided cable
  • Flawless high refresh rate support
  • Great customer support


  • Does not work with HDR

18,284 Reviews

Version: DisplayPort 1.2 | HDR Support: No

Our next spot goes to the iVanky DisplayPort cable. It does a few things better than our pick at the top spot, but it is a DisplayPort 1.2 cable instead of 1.4. This means that this does not support HDR, but works quite well with high refresh rate displays. 1440p at up to 165Hz shouldn’t be a problem at all.

The things it does better are in the design department. This is a braided cable, which means it will retain its durability over time. It also has a latch-free design, which some people might prefer. I have seen a few people who can be reckless and forget about the retention clips, so you could say this cable is fool-proof.

Customer support is also surprisingly good. We don’t usually expect much of a response for help with a DisplayPort cable, but iVanky does it well. They also offer a long warranty period, which is a good bonus. Unless you absolutely need a 1.4 standard cable (if you’re running an 8K display), this is a great cable for anyone.

3. Busohe DisplayPort 1.4 Cable

Best Build


  • Braided and tangle free
  • Latch-less design
  • Solid construction


  • Issues while shipping

393 Reviews

Version: DisplayPort 1.4 | HDR Support: Yes

If you are someone who constantly connects and reconnects their DisplayPort cable, quality matters a lot. Maybe you are someone who tests graphics cards or monitors and needs to reattach cables all the time. If that is you, then you’ve probably damaged a few cables in the past. No judgment here, some cables can be really poorly built.

This is exactly why this DisplayPort 1.4 cable from Busohe is an excellent choice. It’s a braided cable, and as I said before, cables like these always retain their build quality over time. It also has a latch-free design, so you can reconnect cables without worrying about damaging anything. Since it is a 1.4 Cable, it is backward compatible with DisplayPort 1.2, supports HDR, and is a good fit for high refresh rate gaming.

So, if the build quality is your main concern, this is the best cable you can get. Just make sure you are in contact with the seller, as there have been a few shipments issues with this item on Amazon.

4. Amazon Basics DisplayPort Cable

Budget Pick


  • Works as expected
  • Connectors feel solid
  • VESA certified


  • Not the best construction

17,640 Reviews

Version: DisplayPort 1.2 | HDR Support: No

Let’s suppose you need an extremely cheap replacement cable for your DisplayPort monitor. Well, once we start cutting corners, you might run into issues such as flickering, weird issues with colors, and some cables might not even be VESA certified. However, the Amazon Basics DisplayPort cable has got you covered.

It is a DisplayPort 1.2 cable that is known to work reliably with a lot of high refresh rate monitors. Of course, being DisplayPort 1.2, it doesn’t support HDR or 8K for that matter. But if you need a cable that you can just plug into your monitor and forget about, this is the one. The gold plated connected feel quite solid, it is completely VESA certified and works fine with most monitors.

However, beware of the inferior build quality, as the cable itself isn’t as thick as others. This is most likely to cut down on costs.

5. Cable Matters 8K DisplayPort Cable

Form over function


  • Flawless 8K support
  • HDR support
  • Solid construction


  • Issues with higher refresh rates
  • Retention clips are too tight

4,465 Reviews

Version: DisplayPort 1.4 | HDR Support: Yes

The Cable Matters 8K cable is another great option. It gets the job done, has solid durability, and isn’t extremely expensive either.  The bare copper conductors work well, and there are rarely any flickering issues. Being a DisplayPort 1.4 cable, it does work well with HDR and 8K resolutions.

The cable itself is pretty thick, but that’s a good thing considering it is so robust. If you need a quick replacement cable in a pinch, this is another great option. However, I would be wary of using it with high refresh rate monitors, as suffers from inconsistency with those. The retention clips are a bit too tight, so you’d have to be careful when unplugging.

If you do have a high-end fast gaming display, I’d go with a different cable. However, if you just need a solid cable for 4K or higher resolution, this cable works fine.

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