The Best Desk Lamps to buy in 2021

These days, a lot of us are working from remote locations or from home. Hence, having a proper home office setup is quite crucial these days. As we all know, no working space is complete without proper lighting. As such, having a good desk lamp will automatically improve the atmosphere of your working space. Other than that, proper lighting also reduces strain on the eyes. This allows you to work comfortably for longer sessions.

So, if you’re looking to improve your workspace with a desk lamp, we have got you covered. Here are some of our favorite desk lamps worth considering in 2021.

1. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

Elegant Design


  • Philips approved energy efficiency
  • 60 minute automatic time-out
  • Adjustable light color and angle
  • Bending does not break the lamp


  • Overheats quite easily

Available Colors: White and Black | Power: 12 Watts | USB Charging Port: Yes | Material: Plastic and Metal

TaoTronics’s innovative and energy-efficient lamp with different color modes has been dubbed as the best desktop lamp purchase by us. Flicker-free lights, different brightness levels as well as color modes make this a very good purchase. With its different levels as well as generic white paint, it can easily blend in with the other accessories on the desk.

It has a USB charging port as well, meaning it can do some other extra tasks as well. The 5 different lighting modes are toggled using the TaoTronics logo at the bottom. These modes range from warm yellowish light to bright blueish light. Moreover, 7 different brightness levels really help you nail the ideal light intensity you’re looking for. And if all of this wasn’t enough, Philips approved an energy-saving program that helps you reduce the electricity bill up to 75% more. The LED panel at the top can be rotated up to 135 degrees, helping shine the right amount of light on the target.

While the adjustable brightness levels are a charm, we found that the top panel began to heat up quite a lot. This raised concerns over the durability of not just the plastic but the LEDs themselves. Therefore, it is advised that the lamp be powered off for a small duration to let it cool down. Thankfully, the 60-minute time-out helps act as a reminder in doing so.

2. LEPOWER Desk Lamp

Futuristic Shape


  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Flicker-free LEDs


  • Brightness level has fixed levels
  • Touch panel sometimes does not register sliding motions

1,503 Reviews

Available Colors: Black | Power: 8 Watts | USB Charging Port: Yes | Material: ABS and Silicon

Buyers of the LEPOWER desk lamp will be able to put this source of illumination to good use in just a matter of a few minutes. The flexible gooseneck with a unique curved design helps accomplish that goal. This lamp is mainly made of ABS plastic, with a wide base and control buttons at the front.

There are a total of 5 brightness levels and all of them are controlled by the panel at the front. This lamp is ideal for several uses, including late-night gaming sessions. The 36 LEDs in work in harmony to ensure a uniform and flicker-free light is delivered to protect your eyes. Moreover, these LEDs effectively save up to 75% more energy as compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Unfortunately, all is not sweet with this lamp. The front panel, as stated previously, has touch buttons rather than push.

However, they sometimes fail to register the command properly. At times, users find themselves having to press on the pads rather roughly for it to work. Also, it should be noted that the brightness levels are fixed at certain intensities. Therefore, the sweet spot may not be found since adjacent levels are sometimes too bright or too dim.

3. ThinkGeek LED Potion Desk Lamp

Fantasy-Style Shape


  • Comes in multi colors
  • Bright light and illumination
  • Can be powered with an AC adapter as well


  • No power button
  • Paint on the logo fades away rather quickly

122 Reviews

Available Colors: Multicolored | Power: 110 Watts | USB Charging Port: No | Material: Glass and Plastic

The next recommendation by us will be widely appreciated by the classical RPG genre lovers. This is the LED potion lamp by ThinkGeek that comes as a very sharply constructed lamp. The bottle itself is made up of glass with resin liquid inside it that glows up.

The base of the bottle is plastic, and tapping the base allows the colors to be changed. It can change to blue, red, yellow, and green colors, all with just a touch of the base. This lamp is powered by a USB cable however it comes with an AC adapter that can be used instead as well.

World of Warcraft fans shouldn’t miss the chance to acquire this. The bright lights cover a wide radius and nail the magical potion look. Unfortunately, there is no power button which means that the power must be cut to turn this lamp off.

Moreover, we found the paint on the chain and logo to be susceptible to fading. After about just a few weeks of use, the black paint on the logo started to lose its touch which is quite unfortunate.

4. Schylling Pac-Man Lamp

Pacman-Style Design


  • Comes with retro Pac-Man sounds
  • All features are controlled via the wireless remote


  • Is rather fragile
  • Only works with a wall adapter
  • Comes with only a UK power plug

11 Reviews

Available Colors: Stock | Power: 110 Watts | USB Charging Port: No | Material: ABS Plastic

The 4th desktop lamp recommendation on our list is one everyone will appreciate. This 6.5 x 7.5” Pac-Man modeled lamp is actually a great addition for retro-era lovers. It has a plastic build with a flat base at the bottom. This lamp is plugged into the wall socket and is powered on via the adapter. The thing with this lamp is that it’s not just about the lights.

With the remote provided, the 12 original retro Pac-Man sounds can be controlled along with brightness, etc. The light can become very bright or very dim, depending on the level of adjusted brightness. This lamp feels light and thus gives a rather fragile vibe. Apart from some concerns about the fragility, this lamp is a neat little addition for not just the house decor but the game enthusiasts too.

The big yellow Pac-Man will serve as a humble reminder of where it all began. The users must exercise precaution when handling and using this lamp as the plastic is rather fragile. Moreover, it is powered only by a wall socket which puts a restraint on how easily it can be placed and moved.

5. Underground Star Wars Lightsaber Glow Lamp

Sleek Form Factor


  • Very comfortable brightness levels
  • Interesting Design


  • Finnicky base build
  • Lights up only when the computer is powered on
  • Very small frame size

19 Reviews

Available Colors: Stock | Power: 10 Watts | USB Charging Port: No | Material: ABS Plastic

Become one with The Force with this USB-powered lightsaber. The 3 feet USB cable is plugged into a computer or laptop which in turn lights up this lamp. It has a small plastic constructed base that neatly balances the structure on top.

Overall, this lamp is made up of ABS plastic and transparent plastic glass that protects the LEDs inside. This lamp is USB-powered, hence only works when the connected PC is turned on.

Additionally, the brightness is not enough to cause any strain on the eyes when working, thus making this a useful source of light along with a geeky one. This is a neat little lamp however, it has its flaws. The saber can be removed from its base however, it remains powered on for only 10 minutes.

After that, the button needs to be pressed to make it glow again. Moreover, the PC needs to be powered on for it to be charged as it only works with a USB port. This can get rather tedious of a job to do. Despite this, this lightsaber lamp is a fun little gadget to have on the desk as gaming at night times with this lamp powered on gives a very neat glow in the dark.

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