5 Best Curved Monitors In 2021: 1440p, USB-C, 165hz and 49inch

The word immersion gets thrown around a lot these days. Especially in the gaming industry. Some might call it a buzzword or just another marketing gimmick to attract customers. Sure enough, most of the time display manufacturers will slap the word “immersive” on a monitor and call it a day. However, there are a few displays out there worthy of the title.

Curved monitors, if done right, can create an experience unlike any other. It’s not drastically different from a flat display but ends up being easier on the eyes. The edges wrap around your peripheral vision, and it feels more natural. With that said, curved monitors often cost more than their flat screen counterparts.

So which curved monitors are worth the money, and which one is the right for you? That’s what we’re here to find out. We rounded up some of the best-curved monitors worth buying in 2021. Hopefully, you’ll find at least one monitor to your liking.

1. LG UltraGear 34GN850-B Gaming Monitor

The All Rounder


  • Spot on color accuracy
  • Premium design and construction
  • Overclockable to 165Hz
  • Extremely versatile
  • 1ms response time an IPS panel


  • HDR could be better

533 Reviews

Screen Size: 34-inches | Resolution: 3440 x 1440 | Refresh Rate: 165Hz | Panel Type: IPS | Response Time: 1ms

If you want to fully lose yourself in the game you’re playing or in the content you’re watching, an ultrawide monitor is perfect for that. Whenever someone starts talking about Ultrawides, LG is the name that comes to mind. After all, LG is the one that made these types of displays so popular. With that said, the LG Ultragear 34GN850B is an entirely different beast.

This 21:9 monitor gives you a generous 34-inches of screen real estate. It comes in at a resolution of 3440 x 1440. The UltraGear is the perfect sweet spot in terms of graphical demand, pixel density, and screen size. Games aren’t as hard to drive as they are on a 4K monitor. Yet the sharpness is ahead of any 1080p monitor out there.

We found that it was very easy to get accustomed to the curved panel. Combined with the 21:9 aspect ratio, it really is a marvel to look at. The base is sturdy, well-articulated, and ergonomic. It supports height, tilt, and swivel adjustments. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but always nice to see.

The design is excellent as well. LG uses premium materials in its monitors, and it goes a long way to prove its luxurious feel. As for ports, we have one DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.0 ports, an analog audio input, and a USB hub. The 1ms response time, Freesync/Gsync support, and 165Hz all come together to give a fluid gaming experience.

But this isn’t your average gaming monitor, far from it. The excellent IPS panel provides 98% coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut. It also provides excellent contrast and viewing angles. You could easily use this display for color-accurate work.

Overall, this is the perfect blend of gaming features, color accuracy, and overall quality. We just wish it had HDR better than HDR400.

2. Dell U-Series 38-inch monitor (U3818DW)

Professional's Choice


  • Superb image quality
  • 10-bit IPS panel
  • Wide color gamut
  • Thin bezels
  • Works with USB-C


  • No HDR
  • Expensive

705 Reviews

Screen Size: 37.5-inch | Resolution: 3840 x 1600 | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Panel Type: IPS | Response Time: 5ms

Are you someone who loves to be productive? Maybe you are a professional photographer or filmmaker who needs color accuracy. You might even simply like to have a larger screen, for multitasking purposes. Well, the Dell UltraSharp U3818DW might just be able to deliver on all of those situations. It is without a doubt one of the best displays for professionals.

The curved display has a resolution of 3840 x 1600. It’s a 37.5-inch 10-bit IPS panel running at 60Hz. Sure, we would have liked to see 144Hz, as that would bump this monitor up to the top spot. However, if you’re a fan of singleplayer games, you’ll appreciate the experience this monitor provides.

In terms of sharpness, the PPI is about the same as your average 27-inch 1440p monitor. We get 300 nits of brightness and a 5ms  or 8msresponse time (adjustable in settings). It covers 99% of the SRGB color gamut and also supports wide color gamuts. The factory calibration is also almost perfect.

This UltraSharp has dual 9W speakers, which get surprisingly loud even at 70% volume. The majority of the material used here is plastic. Yet Dell is using a finish/coating on here that makes it feel almost like metal. You can even mount this on the wall with a VESA mount. The stand is sturdy and provides adjustments to tilt, height, and swivel. Unfortunately, you can’t turn this monitor into a vertical display.

Dell is using their “Infinity Edge Display” here, which translates to thin bezels. We get two HDMI 2.0 ports, 1 DisplayPort 1.2, 3.5mm audio out, a USB 3.0 hub, and a Type-C port. The Type-C port means that it can easily be powered by a MacBook.

Overall, this is perfect for a monitor for those who are chasing color accuracy. It’s also a good pick for professionals who have a MacBook. We just wish it had HDR capability

3. MSI Optix MAG272CQR Curved Gaming Monitor

Best Value


  • Surprisingly good VA panel
  • High contrast ratio
  • Smooth 165Hz goodness
  • Type-C port


  • Bad viewing angles
  • Can't match IPS accuracy

385 Reviews

Screen Size: 27-inch | Resolution: 2560 x 1440 | Refresh Rate: 165Hz | Panel Type: VA | Response Time: 1ms

21:9 and 32:9 monitors are incredibly immersive and a sight to behold, no doubt about that. However, if you are a competitive gamer, there can be some drawbacks. Certain games might not support both of those aspect ratios, especially a lot of shooters. So a faster 16:9 monitor could be the better choice. The MSI MAG 272CQR just might be the perfect alternative.

Right off the bat, we have to commend MSI for what they have achieved here. This is a VA panel that is quite impressive for gaming. While it may not reach the color accuracy or viewing angles of IPS, that’s an unfair comparison. The contrast levels are quite good here, and so is color uniformity.

Color uniformity is a common complaint about VA panels, so it’s refreshing to see that MSI is addressing that. The 1500R curvature is a bit aggressive, but nothing you can’t get used to. It has a 3440 x 1440 resolution, 165Hz refresh rate, and anti-screen tearing built-in. Speaking of which, it supports both Gsync and Freesync.

Needless to say, gaming on this is a buttery smooth experience. We’re also big fans of the design. It has a stealthy look to it, and while I wouldn’t call it minimal, you could sneak this into an office. The base has some sharp angles to it, so that’s the only giveaway that this is a gaming monitor from the looks. You can also use this monitor with a Type-C cable.

Color reproduction is decent enough that beginners or amateurs will appreciate it. However, if you make a living out of doing editing work, you should invest in a more accurate panel. The monitor isn’t that expensive either for what you’re getting.

4. Samsung 49-inch CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor

For The Enthusiasts


  • Lots of screen real estate
  • Unmatched immersion
  • HDR1000


  • Requires a riduclously large desk
  • Expensive
  • Quality control issues

3,558 Reviews

Screen Size: 49-inch | Resolution: 5120 x 1440 | Refresh Rate: 120Hz | Panel Type: VA | Response Time: 4ms

On paper, the Samsung CRG9 is one of the mightiest gaming monitors we’ve seen to date. Practicality goes straight out of the window with this one. If you have a lot of money burning a hole in your pocket, this could be something worth looking into. It just might live up to the expectations, at least for the right customer.

As if 21:9 didn’t already take the world by storm, no we have consumer-grade 32:9 monitors. As you can probably guess, the display is wider even when you compare it to a 21:9 screen. It’s the perfect toy for people who love simulation games.

This monitor has a massive 49-inch QLED panel. Pair that with a jaw-dropping 5120 x 1440 resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate, and we have something incredible here. It also supports Gsync and Freesync, along with a 4ms response time. Even the base or stand for the monitor is massive. Make sure you have the desk space for it.

The monitor is also HDR1000 since the monitor has a peak brightness of 1000 nits. Speaking of which, this does change the game entirely. A quality 32:9 monitor is rare, to begin with, adding HDR1000 on top of that makes it even more luxurious.

I don’t use the word “immersive” often, but it fits the bill for this monitor perfectly. It has a high refresh rate, Freesync/Gsync support, HDR1000, and an overall impressive VA panel. However, and you probably saw this coming, there’s a catch.

The high price tag is going to push a lot of people away. There have also been some reports of quality control issues. Unfortunately, that’s the price you have to pay if you want to be an early adopter for 32:9 monitors.

5. Acer ED273 Abidpx 27-inch Gaming Monitor

Budget Pick


  • Very competitive price
  • 144Hz on a budget
  • Gsync/Freesync support


  • Low brightness
  • Poor viewing angles
  • Subpar color accuracy

2,646 Reviews

Screen Size: 27-inch | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh Rate: 144Hz | Panel Type: VA | Response Time: 4ms

Not everyone needs the highest-end bleeding-edge tech found in many of today’s high-end monitors. In fact, you can get a curved experience for not a lot of money. This is because it’s not just about the curvature but also the quality. If you want something that won’t sacrifice on both, then the Acer ED273 Abidpx is a great option.

This monitor uses a 27-inch 1080p panel. It also has a high refresh rate of 144Hz. You also get Gsync and Fresync support, along with a 4ms response time. Brightness isn’t all that great, clocking out at around 250 nits. Still, that not a major dealbreaker for most people.

For ports, we have one DisplayPort 1.2, one HDMI 2.0 port, and one DVI port. DisplayPort and HDMI cables both are included in the box. The monitor has thin bezels, which is good to see at this price range. Unfortunately, you miss out on a VESA mount, so you can’t put this on a wall or something similar.

The monitor is quite easy to drive. If you play Esport titles, you are going to easily get 144fps or more on most of those titles at 1080p. You don’t need a high-end GPU for that either. Most mid-range graphics cards should handle it just fine.

That’s a major plus point if you are putting together a budget setup. This great monitor will fit just right in. Just keep in mind that it is a VA panel with poor viewing angles. Other than that, it is not the most color-accurate thing in the world either, so we wouldn’t use it for work that requires such accuracy.

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