Best Bookshelf Speakers to Buy in 2019

Music is beautiful, it’s a vital part of our lives when we’re commuting, working or even relaxing. It’s only logical that a better experience calls for the best hardware. Bookshelf speakers are those kinds of devices that can transform audio into memorable moments.

Unfortunately, these quality systems are expensive. The widely known brands can cost up to $400. Luckily for you, we have the Top-5 Bookshelf Speakers you can get for under $100. We like to sit between the best of two worlds: A trustworthy quality product for a price you can afford.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Floor Standing speakers

Number of Drivers

Every speaker incorporates specific drivers to relay a certain frequency range. For instance, frequencies between 20Hz to 200Hz are reproduced by the subwoofer and represent the bass in a speaker. Therefore, depending on the type of sound you want to check the available drivers on the speaker and how they influence the sound.

Room Size

In case you did not know this already, your room has a big effect on the speaker’s sound quality. If you have a small closed room then I don’t recommend the larger speakers. Apart from the obvious space issues, small rooms tend to exaggerate the speaker’s bass. Need I say that smaller speakers will not work well in larger rooms either?

 Cabinet Build

The material used to build the speaker’s cabinet also carries its importance. A good cabinet should be sturdy to avoid sound distortion, especially at high volumes when there is the most vibration. Also in regards to this, the Cabinet’s finish should complement your room’s decor for the best aesthetics.

Here’s a table with the most important features of the products on our list.

#PreviewNameAMP IncludedPower HandlingWooferDetails
1Edifier R1280T 42 Watts4-Inch Polymer
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2Polk Audio T15 100 Watts4-Inch Polymer Composite
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3Mackie Studio CR350 Watts3-Inch Polypropilene Coated
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4Dual Electronics LU43PW100 Watts4-Inch Polymer
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5Micca MB42X 75 Watts4-Inch Carbon Fiber
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Best Bookshelf Speakers
NameEdifier R1280T
AMP Included
Power Handling42 Watts
Woofer4-Inch Polymer
Check Price
NamePolk Audio T15
AMP Included
Power Handling100 Watts
Woofer4-Inch Polymer Composite
Check Price
NameMackie Studio CR3
AMP Included
Power Handling50 Watts
Woofer3-Inch Polypropilene Coated
Check Price
NameDual Electronics LU43PW
AMP Included
Power Handling100 Watts
Woofer4-Inch Polymer
Check Price
NameMicca MB42X
AMP Included
Power Handling75 Watts
Woofer4-Inch Carbon Fiber
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These speakers have a 4-inch bass driver and a properly calibrated flared bass reflex port which enhances the sound of lower frequencies generated by the woofer and subwoofer.

Talking about controls, the Edifier R1280 comes with a remote control and a treble and bass dial that ranges from -6 to +6db. There’s also an automatic volume feature which sets to an adequate level every time the speakers are turned on. The volume can be adjusted via remote or manually, one problem we found with this is that there’s no actual volume indicator on the dial. The remote’s IR is good enough so that you don’t have to point directly at the receiver to turn the volume up or down or mute it.

You can connect this device to your PC, laptop, tablet or phone with the included RCA to 3.5mm jack. There’s also an extra RCA input if you ever need to two audio feeds on the speakers, the problem is, there’s no switch to select any of the two inputs.

It can deliver sound quality similar to a studio. The system delivers 42 watts RMS which is more than enough power for its size. The 750mV input sensitivity will make sure you scale correctly to the desired volume. The speaker does have a 2-year warranty (on the US and Canada only) to cover you from any malfunction. One detail about the outside, the plates come off easily and there’s no loss of sound quality when the front plate is off.

Good balance between bass and trebles Can't use a universal remote with it
Exquisite sound Manual volume knob is confusing
Great build quality Remote needs a power button
1,880 Reviews

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Good balance between bass and trebles
Exquisite sound
Great build quality
Can't use a universal remote with it
Manual volume knob is confusing
Remote needs a power button
1,880 Reviews

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In conclusion, these are the kind of speakers that even though they have a warm bass and small drivers, they perform exactly what you would need for any room in the house.

Polk is a widely known company for loudspeakers. This time, they designed some affordable bookshelf speakers using their Monitor Series as a starting point. These come with Polk’s own Dynamic Balance technology which delivers brighter highs and a wider range or mids and a responsive bass.

These won’t work as desktop speakers unless you connect them to an amplifier first. They’re a simple to set up as they come, just connect them to your amplifier and you’re good to go. The speakers have magnetically shielded enclosures that reduce distortion from video sources that can be around the area and generate audio clarity every single time. It also supports Dolby and DTS.

The well-built speakers are made of an acoustically-inert MDF that reduces distortion and resonance so the audio stays true to its original sound. On the backside, they include a keyhole for wall mounting. On the performance side, these speakers are designed to give a wide dispersion sound. Unfortunately, this means that the bass overpowers every other sound it comes from it. It delivers warm audio but lacks the detailed sound and balance the sound pros demand from their speakers.

The Polk T15 speakers are good enough for a bedroom or a 10′ x 10′ office. They can also work as rear channel speakers for your 5.1 Dolby Surround System.

Super-clear sound Needs amplifier to work with PC
Excellent for rear 5.1 Surround Not balanced
Great for movies and TV Not for professional work
621 Reviews

Polk T Series T15 Bookshelf Speakers

Super-clear sound
Excellent for rear 5.1 Surround
Great for movies and TV
Needs amplifier to work with PC
Not balanced
Not for professional work
621 Reviews

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Overall, while these need an amplifier to work, it’s a quality product from a company that’s known for their top work in the audio entertainment industry.

The Mackie CR3 bookshelf speakers are built with professional components. On the back, there’s a switch that indicates which side of the desk has the active speaker (for correct sound placement). The front panel has the volume knob which also turns on the power for the sound system. Two more connectors are on the front, auxiliary input and the headphone jack; you can connect your phone to your speakers or listen with your headphones when needed.

On the back of the active speaker, we find the RCA input as well as two phone connectors. There’s the power switch and the aforementioned power unit placement switch. The unit has an integrated amplifier so it can be connected to a desktop computer or work as a sound system on its own.

There’s no grid for these speakers so users must be cautious when they’re being used. The system also lacks a remote controller or Bluetooth functionality which the CR4 and CR5 versions of this product have.

A neat addition to this system is the isolation pads that go under the speaker boxes. These are meant to avoid sound distortion caused by the desk vibration when audio is playing from the unit. The Mackie CR3 Studio Multimedia Monitors have a one year warranty.

These can be used with a subwoofer, just plug the mini jack into the PC audio card for surround and another one for Subwoofer. Set the computer audio software for 2.1 sound and set the subwoofer volume to ½-¾ and the crossover to 80-90Hz.

While the volume knob power switch looks ok, we strongly recommend that the unit stays powered on with a volume set. The rotation of the carbon-based controls wears down the carbon track leading to inappropriate functioning in the future.

Great for recording demos No remote controller
Clarity even at lower volumes No protective grid
Various inputs/outputs alternatives Questionable durability
1,795 Reviews

Mackie CR3 Multimedia Monitors

Great for recording demos
Clarity even at lower volumes
Various inputs/outputs alternatives
No remote controller
No protective grid
Questionable durability
1,795 Reviews

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In conclusion, the Mackie CR3 is more than a decent set of bookshelf speakers. Even though it doesn’t come with a remote control, it delivers studio-quality sound that even the professionals can appreciate.

These are multi-purpose speakers that can be used indoors or outdoors. They’re coated with a UV resistant resin and inside an ABS enclosure that protects it from the weather if they’re outside. The LU43PW can be installed on the ceiling or a wall with a 120-degree range of motion, they can also have a horizontal placement with a 90-degree range of motion; this makes sure they’re placed and protected wherever you want them. It’s welcoming to know that the mounting hardware is included in the box along with a 1-year warranty.

The speakers deliver 100 Watts of Peak Power (50 Watts RMS) and 4-6 Ohms which can cover any backyard space. Their frequency range goes between 100Hz and 20kHz to ensure no sound escapes your ears. Performance-wise, the system has a loud enough sound without distortion to work outdoors, they can be loud if required with a decent bass performance.

A word of advice, these are not mobile speakers, you need a sound system with an amplifier to power the speakers such as a home theater. So, no connecting these to your iPhone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC.

Outdoor-ready Need sound system
Comes with mounting hardware Durability issues
Ideal for background music Poor audio for indoors
1,087 Reviews

Dual Electronics LU43PW Studio Monitor

Comes with mounting hardware
Ideal for background music
Need sound system
Durability issues
Poor audio for indoors
1,087 Reviews

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If you’re looking for excellent budget speakers made for outdoors, these are the ones you should get. Even indoors they’re a great deal to include in your home theatre system.

After the success of the Micca MB42 model, the company decided to build an improved version with the same quality as its predecessor. The speakers feature a 4-inch woven carbon fiber woofer and ported enclosure for the bass output. It also comes with a 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter that delivers a smooth treble. The frequency response for this one is your typical 60Hz-20kHz for indoor audio.

Its crossovers are 18dB/Octave that output a signature that fits various scenarios, ranging from background music to home theater. The system comes with magnetic grills which are a classy touch in performance, those extra holes around the box aren’t necessary at all.

The unit can be placed anywhere in the room from desks to walls or speaker stands. The company’s confident on the performance to the point that if you’re not satisfied, you can simply return the item for a full refund.

The MB42X’s can work as front speakers for your 5.1 setup. The bass, midrange, and highs performance are at the level of speakers that double its price. However, these need an amplifier or home theater to work.

Quality crossover upgrade Needs EQ for better response
Carbon fiber woofer Needs breaking in
Natural sound Lacks in highs
2,586 Reviews

Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers

Quality crossover upgrade
Carbon fiber woofer
Natural sound
Needs EQ for better response
Needs breaking in
Lacks in highs
2,586 Reviews

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These are as high-performance Bookshelf Speakers as you can get, the only problem is that they won’t work without a sound system, but as a support, they’re a perfect addition. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.