Best Android Puzzle Games

You can blame Android for a lot of things, but not for its lack of content. I don’t usually play games on my Android device, but when I do, it’s usually a puzzle game.

Google Play Store is filled with quality brain games that will keep you busy. The recent rise in smartphone’s specification allows developers to create sharp mental challenges backed up by awesome graphics. If you commute frequently or you have some free time on your hand, you can test your brain and help pass the time by trying out some ingenious puzzle games.

In my opinion, puzzle games had a major contribution to the rise of mobile gaming. Now everybody plays something when they have some free time. Almost every Android owner was transformed in a casual gamer. This is partly because most developers have perfected a solid recipe for creating an addictive but enjoyable puzzle game experience.

The only problem is, Android has too much content, so it becomes hard to find the right puzzle game. You could try to pick a title from one of the trending lists, but Google Play Store isn’t that good in showcasing the best options.

To help you find an Android puzzle game that will keep you busy, we created our own list with our absolute favorite puzzle games. Regardless of your preference, we’ll feature everything from physics-based games to mystery solvers. Enjoy !

Monument Valley

This is one of the most elegant puzzle games I have ever played and I certainly don’t regret the $5 dollars I spent for it. I was more than happy to play the role of a silent princess and make my way to through a mesmerizing world. The game will make you explore mysterious monuments, unfolding optical illusions and discover hidden passages.

The level design features complex architecture that will blow your mind. The game is inspired by a minimalistic 3D design, but it’s executed so well that each level will feel like a different work of art. All you have to do is twist and drag objects to reshape the world and help Ida outsmart the enigmatic “crow people”.

I can see why you’d be thrown off by the idea of spending $5 for a game. But if you have the money, I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you decide to buy it, I highly recommend you to play this game with headphones. As you manipulate the world, you will trigger different audio events that will make the whole experience even better.

The Room series

I’m guessing you already heard about these BAFTA award winning games. But in the off chance you haven’t, The Room is a puzzle game with a creepy ambiance that will flood you with hours of challenges.

The story is filled with mystery, but that’s the least interesting fact about this game series. You’ll have to open a series of safes and boxes by drawing upon all your puzzle-solving ability. The UI is great at letting you know what you can do and the tactile experience is seamless. Each level has a new, diverse environment with a different atmospheric audio. You’ll often hear squeaks and cracks that will urge to you hurry up and complete that puzzle.

The series consists of three different games, each of them wrapped around a deep mystery that you’ll uncover by the end of the game. If you decide to give it a try, I suggest you start with the first one. You can buy The Room for $1 and get started with, or wait for a sale bundle like me and get all three of them.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter

I might be a little biased with this entry because I’m a huge fan of the Uncharted franchise. But even if you never played an Uncharted game, this action-puzzle will hook you up and keep you busy. You’ll take the role of Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter determined to uncover a series of lost riches.

Throughout the game, you will use your smarts to survive a series of over 200 deadly puzzle chambers. The levels are split across six unique distinct adventures. In addition to uncovering over 50 different treasurers, you’ll earn various costume rewards that will customize your appearance.

If you own the Uncharted 4, you can connect your PlayStation account to reap extra rewards that can be used in multiplayer. Uncharted: Fortune Hunter can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

Deus Ex Go

Deus Ex Go is a strategic puzzle game. You’ll need to complete a series of over 50 story-driven turn-based puzzles to solve a futuristic mystery. You will have an arsenal of stealth, espionage and combat elements that will help you progress through the story. The game will make you come back to upgrade your character’s abilities in order to advance forward.

You will constantly need to think of new ways to outsmart guards and security drones and turrets. Luckily, you’ll have a whole suite of augmentations that will make it easier. The fun is not over after you finish the story. You can create your own challenges by using the Puzzle Maker tool. After you create a level, you can share it with the community or keep it for yourself. You can also play community levels created by other players.

Deus Ex Go is currently priced at $1, but you can expect it to be more expensive in the future, as more content is being released regularly. If you decide to buy it, you’re in for a solid Deus Ex experience.

Neighbours from Hell series

Neighbours from hell is a classic PC game that was only recently ported to Android. You’ll play the role of a bad neighbor and perform elaborate pranks to your next-door resident. As the game progresses, the pranks will get so cruel that you’ll almost feel bad about your fellow neighbor.

As you set your devilish traps, you have to watch out for nosy neighbors and guard dogs that can ruin the whole prank. You will need to make use of stealth, intelligence and skill to create the perfect ambush. There is a possibility that you’ll get stuck in a certain level, but the UI does a good job in pointing you in the right direction after some time.

So far the franchise consists of two seasons, each of them having around 14 episodes. The game reminded me of my childhood, but I  feel the developers have gotten a little too greedy. The free version lets you play a couple of episodes, but if you want to complete the game you need to buy each paid episode separately for each season.

Tricky Test 2

Tricky Test 2 is not your average puzzle game. It features a series of brain teasers with absurd solutions that will make you think outside the box. The end goal is to not get tricked. You start out with a fixed number of IQ points. If you have at least 140 points when you finish the game, you will be crowned a genius.

Aside from your intelligence, you will need to use a fair amount of creativity to get the job done. The puzzle game has over 100 different levels, with new content added regularly. As a rule of thumb, the most obvious answer is most likely wrong. The game uses almost all of Android’s sensors. Some solutions will require you to shake, flip or even kiss the phone.

Tricky Test 2 is completely free, with ads that will in no way interfere with your gaming. If you’re having trouble progressing through a level, you can opt to watch an ad in order to get an extra clue.

Hitman Go

If you know the bald-headed assassin, this turn-based puzzle take on the Hitman series will blow your mind. The game will force you to navigate dangerous spaces filled with enemies waiting for you to make a wrong move. You’ll have all the tools available to a professional assassin – disguises, silencers, sniper rifles and various distraction devices. Similar to the big game, Hitman Go will allow you to complete each level in two different ways – you can either go in guns blazing or go about it silently.

The game successfully manages to combine clever puzzle mechanics with diorama-style set pieces. Each enemy has a different behavior, so it’s best to take a while and analyse your next move carefully. The minimalist take on the popular Hitman series makes up for a really refreshing and original puzzle game. Even if you’re not a fan of the Hitman franchise, you will most likely fell in love with the game mechanics.

Hitman Go is available for a little over $1. Regardless if you’re a Hitman fan or not, this is a puzzle game you should not miss.

Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop is among the top 5 most trending games of 2017. It’s a game about creating looping patterns that will help you progress to the next level. Unlike most of the other puzzle games, you don’t have the pressure of solving the levels as quickly as possible. The game is created so that you can relax, relieve some stress and give your brain something to do.

The name Infinity Loop comes from the fact that this game is in fact, infinite. New levels are automatically generated every time you complete a puzzle. Even better, the game is completely free with non-intrusive ads. You can opt to spend $1 and purchase Infinity Dark mode. The goal of this mode is to make disconnections and prevent any of the pieces from being connected.

If you’re looking for a casual puzzle experience, you should definitely try Infinity Loop. Since the levels are automatically generated, don’t expect the game to get harder as you progress forward. This game is designed to make you relax, and it does a very good job at it.

Troll Face Quest Video Memes: Brain Game

If you are a fan of point and click games, this game is for you. Troll Face Quest Video Memes is filled with outrageous humor that can be discovered by solving the puzzles in each area. You can expect over 48 puzzle-based levels with fun riddles that will brighten your day. It made me giggle more than once.

On top of the whole point and click mechanic, you also have a series of mini-games that adds to the whole experience. The graphics and animations look cartoonish, but what else can you expect from a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously? The good thing is the developers don’t seem to run out of new ideas since new content is added regularly.

The only downside of this game is the multitude of ads that will force you to watch long and tedious videos. But if you can get past that, you will make your brain work and have lots of fun.

The House of Da Vinci

This 3D puzzle game puts you in the shoes of Da Vinci’s most promising apprentice. Leonardo has gone missing, and you’re responsible for finding out what has happened to him.

This puzzle game has roughly the same game mechanics as The Room, but the setting is entirely different. You’ll get to visit the house of Da Vinci and dive into the Renaissance era. For the most part, you will need your wits to escape from various rooms and solve mechanical puzzles. Aside from the main quests that will help you progress the story, there’s a lot of hidden objects that will provide additional insights on the plot.

All the riddles and puzzles from this game are based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s own inventions. As you move through Leonardo’s workshop, you’ll discover various war machines and lockboxes. You have a gauntlet at your disposal that will let you in on some events that happened earlier. The game is currently priced at $8 dollars, but you can expect the price to go down in the near future.

Escape Titanic

Unlike similar games, Escape Titanic will not provide you with objectives or a map. Aside from some instructions that don’t really explain anything, you’ll be completely on your own. You’ll need smarts, speed, and creativity to progress the story. The game mechanics revolve around twisting, pinching and swiping away in your quest of escaping the Titanic.

It’s enough to play the first chapter in order to understand that it’s a truly unique experience. In fact, that’s the only chapter you’ll ever play if you don’t spend $2.50 to unlock the full game. The game is featured as free but’s it’s actually free-to-try. Also, without unlocking the full version you won’t be able to use any of the hints.

If you’re up for over 50 unique puzzles, you should give Escape Titanic a chance. You don’t need to purchase the full version right away. Just play the free chapter, see if you like it and decide later.

After the End: Forsaken Destiny

After The End will let you unravel the mystery behind a father & son journey. The two of them walk on separate paths in different time frames. Your job is to follow the steps of their journeys and find out how their adventure ends.

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter increasingly harder puzzles that have to be completed in order to advance. The world of After The End is filled with secret switches, levers, and buttons that open secret paths. You will have to use swipe gestures to manipulate the world and guide each character through diverse landscapes.

The game design is simply breathtaking and the soundtrack contributes greatly to the overall adventure. I encourage you to play this game with headphones if you can. It’s currently priced at $4, but the money is worth it. The developers behind it have released two content updates so far and have announced that more levels are on their way.

Lara Croft Go

It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t feature this award-winning masterpiece from Square Enix. Lara Croft Go has won the award for the Best Mobile Game of 2015, and for good reason.

You’ll get to explore even more ruins of an ancient civilization with Lara Croft. This game is absolutely huge, with over 120 puzzles split into 7 distinct chapters. The visuals of Lara Croft GO are one of the best you’ll ever see in the Android ecosystem. I played it for about 2 hours and it ran seamlessly on a modest dual-core. You will use swipe gestures to move your character through the world. But as a word of caution, always plan your next move.

You can get Lara Croft Go for as little as $1. That’s a real bargain considering the fact that last year it was priced at $9. If you’re feeling like escaping deadly traps Lara Croft-style, do not miss out on this game.


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