Benchmark Results for the Upcoming Snapdragon 865 Surface, Apple’s A13 Bionic Will Likely Maintain It’s Lead

The processor race seemed to be stagnating but now we may see a shift in the tides. While on the PC side, AMD has really swept the floor with their new series of Ryzen and Threadrippers, according to the latest news, Qualcomm is making a come back as well. This is purely in the light of Qualcomm announcing their latest line of processors for the year 2020, primarily, the 865.

According to a tweet by Ice Universe, we can see the latest released benchmarks of the upcoming Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865. Looking at the results we see an exceptional performance. While the single-core score is at 4303, the multicore score easily crosses the 13K mark, capping at 13344.

This means that the upcoming beast from Qualcomm would have about a 26 per cent gain in single-core performance from last years flagship, the Snapdragon 855. The recent iteration of the processor, the 855+ was hailed for it amazing performance as well. Crossing the 11K mark on multi-core was a feat achieved.

According to these numbers, the upcoming model should be about 18.5 per cent faster in single-core performance and about 17 per cent faster in multi-core performance. These are quite promising results and really tell a lot about the flagships that would be boasting them in 2020.

Numbers from Snapdragon 855
From 855+

What About Apple?

There is one thing though when it comes to mobile phone processors. How does Apple do it? While the results of the 865 are impressive, they still fall short of what Apple’s chips are giving. Not only is it much slower than Apple’s latest A13 Bionic chip but even last year’s A12X puts the chips to shame.

But there is hope though. Not only is this chip showing impressive gains from the trend seen before, but it also seems to be catching up to Apple in a certain way.

Perhaps with time, Qualcomm would be making chips for Android devices and otherwise which would be matching the industry standards set by Apple, currently. Either way, these leaks do have us off our seats and excited for the coming year.

Sarmad Burki
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