Beats urBeats 3 In-ear Headphones Review

Music is a major need for our generation. Everyone needs a good pair of headphones to enjoy their music. Thankfully, you have a tonne of options to choose from. From different styles such as over-ear, in-ear, and on-ear headphones, to different feature sets. Deciding on a pair can be difficult, but knowing your stuff makes it a bit easier. Some people will care more about audio quality. While others will want better design and a bit of brand appeal.

Beats urBeats 3

Built for bass-heads


  • Great design
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Fine-tuned acoustics
  • Magnetic earbuds offer easy portability


  • Audio quality could be better

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Connectivity: 3.5mm Analog, Lightning port | Style: In-ear | Weight: 8.5g

VERDICT:The urBeats aren't really made for audiophiles, this pair of headphones is for the fans of the brand who are willing to get an affordable pair of beats, with some sacrifice to audio quality.

Let’s be honest, the urBeats 3 are beautiful in terms of aesthetics.

That’s exactly what the Beats urBeats 3 are banking on. They’re not exactly a technical marvel when it comes to headphones. They are a pair of beats so you should know what you are getting into. They are a pair of wired headphones, which is actually still the standard for a lot of people. The headphone jack might be dying a slow death at this point, but it’s good to see there’s still a market for wired headphones.

Now, without further ado, let’s check out what the urBeats 3 have to offer.

Design and Build Quality

One quick glance at this pair of in-ear headphones and you will quickly recognize them as a pair of beats. Especially with that iconic red and black color scheme. The not-so-subtle beats logo on either of the earbuds also demands a bit of attention

The urBeats 3 look like your regular pair of earbuds, but the flashy color options make it stand out from the crowd. The urBeats 3 are available in black, black and red, metallic gold, coral, blue, yellow, gold and silver. It looks like they took cues from the iPhone XR by adding all these color options. Beats is an Apple company now, after all.

The urBeats 3 definitely look amazing, no doubt.

As for build quality, they don’t exactly exude a whole lot of confidence. The flat cable looks to be a little flimsy. On the flip side, they are pretty lightweight because of this. The cable doesn’t get tangled all that easily either, which is a good plus point. Apart from that, with all plastic materials, the urBeats 3 don’t impress us with the build quality.


The urBeats 3 sit comfortably in the ears for hours on end. Unlike cheaper options, you won’t notice a whole lot of fatigue after hours of listening sessions. The buds themselves are a bit angled, so they sit comfortably in the ear. They isolate outside sound quite a bit because of the angled design of the earbuds. This also provides a bit punchier bass than its competitors.

The urBeats 3 are laughable lightweight at an 8.5g. You could throw them in a bag and forget about them. The weight is not noticeable at all while listening or carrying the headphones. However, at this price, we would have liked a carrying case at least.

Sound Quality

This is the area where most people either love beats or hate them. It’s more of a personal preference for a lot of people. Beats are notorious for having a lot of bass while sacrificing on other details in the music. The highs and mids aren’t exactly the focus when it comes to a pair of beats headphones. Some people will love this, others will hate it.

Very comfortable

The urBeats 3 are no exception to this long-running concept. Bass is the key focus here once again. It’s loud and punchy and provides a fun listen, given the right genre. For hip hop and electronic music, it’s a really enjoyable sound. For other genres, especially where vocals are focused, we can’t say the same. Thankfully the bass isn’t as overpowered as in previous pairs. Still, you could probably get better sound quality at this price point.

What Else Should I Look Out For?

The urBeats aren’t exactly the worst pair of earbuds. It’s just that they are a pair of beats headphones, so you should know what to expect. Still, there are a few things you should be aware of before you purchase a pair.

First off, mic quality is actually pretty excellent. For making simple phone calls or video chatting, audio is crystal clear and is delivered without distortion to the other end. This is actually a surprisingly good quality for a pair of beats headphones.

One more thing to look out for is Android support. Beats and Android phones don’t exactly play well. The in-line controls of the urBeats 3 don’t allow you to tune the volume via the dial. This is an incredibly annoying caveat for a pair of earbuds. At least you can bring up google assistant with the click of a button.

Verdict – Should You Buy These?

Most people don’t need someone to tell them if they should buy a pair of beats. You obviously won’t be getting anywhere near audiophile-grade sound quality. Sound quality is the main deciding factor for a lot of people. If you don’t mind an overall bass heavy signature to your music, the urBeats 3 are not a bad choice.

Truth be told, they are more of a fashion statement for a lot of people than a pair of headphones. This is exactly why they offer such a large variety of colors. We can’t deny that the urBeats 3 actually look pretty nice with those color options. If you want an attractive pair of earbuds and you need that beats logo, more power to you. Just know that for the price $60, you could get better audio quality somewhere else.

Price at the time of review: $50

Beats urBeats 3


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