Battletech Update 1.1 adds new difficulty settings, MechWarrior customization and quality of life improvements

Update 1.1 for Paradox Interactive’s strategy game Battletech is now live on Steam and GOG. The update has added new features and loads of content which include new difficulty settings as well as bug fixes and optimizations. The patch also makes some balance changes and brings improvements to AI, performance as well as bug fixes.

MechWarrior Customization

With the new update, players can now customize MechWarriors to their liking. These options include the ability to customize appearance, callsign, name, pronoun, and voice of all non-Ronin MechWarriors in their mercenary company. Additionally, Behemoth, Dekker, Glitch, and Medusa are now considered Ronin.

Granular Difficulty

The new difficulty settings will allow players to have more control over their gameplay experience. The difficulty can be changed at any time and features a lot of options regarding multiple game mechanics.

  • Lethality – when enabled, MechWarriors that are disabled in combat will always be killed.
  • ‘Mech Destruction – when enabled, ‘Mechs disabled from Center Torso destruction are permanently lost. This setting is intended for veterans and those seeking a significant challenge.
  • No Rare Salvage – when enabled, + and ++ items are no longer generated as salvage results (but remain purchasable in stores).
  • MechWarrior Progression – adjust the amount of experience that MechWarriors gain after each mission.
  • Advanced MechWarriors – increase or decrease the frequency of more powerful MechWarriors appearing in Hiring Halls in later parts of the game.
  • Enemy Force Strength – increase or decrease the baseline strength of the enemy forces you’ll face in procedural contracts.
  • Contract Payment – increase or decrease the amount of C-Bills paid by procedural contracts across the game.
  • Salvage – increase or decrease the amount of salvage you may obtain from negotiation on procedural contracts.

Custom Campaign

To alter settings such as Ironman Mode, Unequipped Mechs, or Parts for ‘Mech Assembly’, you will need to start a new custom campaign. Ironman Mode limits players to a single save slot which will be deleted if they run out of funds or fail a priority mission.

Quality of Life

Quality of life changes are always welcome and update 1.1 has added several of them. Players can now save time by pressing spacebar to greatly accelerate the current action. The Speed-Up setting significantly speeds up combat and can be toggled in the gameplay settings. Faster paced combat and the new right click to cancel action while in combat are amongst the additions. 

Additionally, Battletech now features Ultrawide monitor support of 21:9, 64:27 and 43:18 aspect ratios.

You can read up on all the balance changes and bug fixes in detail here. There are still a few known issues which will be fixed in the upcoming updates. Battletech is available on Steam and is currently 20% off.

Farhan Ali
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