Battlerite Royale Coming to Steam Early Access as a Standalone Game

Battlerite is a free to play massive online battle arena game developed by Stunlock Studios. The team arena brawler features player vs player combat with a wide selection of Champions to choose from. Earlier this year in May, it was announced that a battle royale game mode will be coming to Battlerite. Today, Stunlock Studios revealed that Battlerite Royale is now a standalone title which is coming to Early Access at the end of September.

Battlerite Royale

Originally, the developers planned to release battle royale as a new game mode, but after some thought, the idea transformed into its own standalone video game.

“As we continued to develop Battlerite Royale we saw more and more potential in it with every passing day, but we also noticed the difficulties with keeping Royale in the same frame as a Team Arena Brawler,” reads the announcement post. “With the constraints from Arena limiting us and after seeing the huge reaction from Battlerite Royale’s announcement, we made the decision to protect the integrity of both experiences and create a new game instead of a new game mode.”

Even though it is a different game, Battlerite Royale features the same combat and input system as the original. Due to balance reasons, many game mechanics and Champion abilities had to be reworked. Game mechanics such as lethality, healing and shields needed to be re-balanced for them to work properly in battle royale. “Some Champions will remain relatively similar while others will have brand-new abilities.” 

Initially scheduled for launch in July 2018, Battlerite Royale was delayed at the end of the month. The developers believe that separating the two games is the better choice to prevent compromising on Arena. More details about the exact changes will be shared soon. Starting August 13th, the 2018 development roadmap will be revealed and signups for the official closed beta will begin.


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