Battlefield V set for WWII? First teaser trailer has arrived

The teaser trailer hints at the setting of Battlefield V in WWII

As we all know that the details and reveals of Battlefield V have been scheduled for 23rd May 2018, only two days from today. Still, the developers have recently released a teaser trailer for Battlefield V on their twitter to create the hype for it.

Here is the link to the trailer below:

Not much has been revealed in the really short trailer, as it obviously is a “teaser” trailer. Details and a proper cinematic or gameplay trailer will be revealed after two days. About the teaser, we can see a character with a mustache who is pressing his hand against our face to stop us from saying anything or ‘screaming’ I suppose. We can hear gunshots and screams in the background which probably indicates an on-going war.

In addition to that, we can clearly see the flags at the top of the screen for the two teams that are British and German. We’re not sure if it’s a multiplayer match going on because of the points of each team being displayed or something else. But are both of the flags just a coincidence or are the developers at DICE really giving us a hint on the placement of Battlefield V in the history?

As we all know, the rumors had it that Battlefield V will be set during the World War 2. The teaser trailer is now making us believe in that fact even more. Also, Battlefield V will also feature a campaign like the one which was featured in Battlefield 1. Instead of having a really long single-story campaign, there will be a campaign comprising of different war stories. This idea worked out for the previous title, and hopefully will for the upcoming one too.

You can watch the Live reveal event on 23rd May being hosted by the host and comedian, Trevor Noah. You’ll be able to tune into the reveal at 13:00 PDT / 16:00 EDT / 20:00 GMT. It will be broadcasted on Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer. Let’s wait and watch what DICE holds for the fans of the Battlefield franchise.

Aaron Michael
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