Battlefield V Open Beta Begins September 4th Featuring NVIDIA’s RTX Technology

Announced earlier this year, Battlefield V is set to release on October 11th. The open beta for Battlefield V will go live on September 4th for Early Access members, and September 6th for everyone. To become part of the Early Access group, players must either pre-order the game, or have subscriptions to Origin Access Premiere, Basic or EA Access.

The open beta for Battlefield V will feature two games modes, Conquest and Grand Operations, on the Rotterdam and Arctic Fjord maps. Players familiar with the Battlefield franchise will recognize Conquest, but Grand Operations is a new mode for Battlefield V. Based upon real life historical events, Grand Operations takes players through multiple maps and game modes for a ‘powerful narrative journey.’ All players can begin pre-loading the open beta starting 1 am PT/4 am ET on September 3rd.


As part of the partnership between NVIDIA and DICE, Battlefield V will make use of NVIDIA’s new RTX technology to showcase the game’s dynamic physicality and destruction. Take a peek of what that looks in game:

Thanks to the technology present in NVIDIA’s new GeForce RTX 20 series GPUs, Battlefield V will use real-time ray tracing as a rendering technique. Previously used in movies to display lifelike worlds, this new rendering method will make the game feel more dynamic.

“With this new NVIDIA RTX platform, more detail than ever before can now be seen on the battlefield, from recognizing the flash of a muzzle being reflected off a car to spotting the detailed reflection of a devastated facade in a splash of water on the ground. Things in the environment will feel more lifelike and real and all-out war will never look the same,” said Christian Holmquist of DICE.

To know more about the open beta and what it has to offer, check out the official post on the Battlefield website.

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Battlefield V Open Beta Begins September 4th Featuring NVIDIA’s RTX Technology

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