Battlefield V ‘Firestorm’ Battle Royale Finally Launches Later This Month

When Battlefield V launched a few months ago, there was no sign of the promised battle royale. Four months after the game’s release, the Firestorm battle royale is finally releasing before the end of this month. The developers shared the announcement alongside an action-packed reveal trailer, check it out:


Although it doesn’t go into detail, the reveal trailer gives us a pretty good idea of what to expect from the game mode. Last week, a leaked video found on EA’s website basically revealed the entire functionality of Firestorm.

For the most part, the new game mode follows the same mechanics we’ve seen in many battle royales. Matches are played in solos, duos, or squads, and there is a maximum of 64 players per match. As you can tell by the name, players have to outrun a literal firestorm, which slowly shrinks throughout the duration of the match.

At the start of the match, players parachute their way down and gear up by looting surrounding buildings. Weapon qualities include common, rare, and epic. The weapon quality affects its functionality. For example, epic weapons feature extended magazines, reduced recoil, and scopes. Inventory space must be taken care of, and ammunition is scarce. In Firestorm, there are no classes and no respawns. Unlike other battle royales, players can fire a sidearm when downed.

As evident in the reveal trailer, vehicles are a very crucial part of the battle royale. The game mode features vehicles like helicopters, tanks, boats, and even tractors. Although players can withstand damage from the firestorm, buildings and other structures fall over in the classic Battlefield manner.

Firestorm battle royale releases for all Battlefield V players on March 25th. Although the game mode won’t feature a duos mode at launch, EA says it will be added in April as part of the game’s third chapter: Trial by Fire. Battlefield V is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin.

Farhan Ali
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