Battlefield V Developer Discusses Complexities of Adding Helicopters To Multiplayer

Battlefield V’s Firestorm is a 64-player game mode set on the largest map the series has ever seen. Similar to other battle royale modes, Firestorm featured looting, driving, and a shrinking play area. The mode added a lot of new things to the series, and some of them were so good that players wanted them added to multiplayer. An example of this would be Firestorm’s four-seater Prototype Helicopter.


Although previous Battlefield games have had several types of transports, the latest installment didn’t bring any form of air vehicles to multiplayer. Following the release of Firestorm earlier this year in March, players instantly wanted some of its exclusive vehicles added to multiplayer.

Addressing the increasing demand of adding Firestorm’s helicopter into multiplayer, Senior Designer at EA Niklas Åstrand lists the four main challenges of doing so.

  1. Vehicle Count
  2. Line of Sight
  3. Gameplay Balance
  4. Objectives

“There is a vehicle limit in BF,” says Åstrand. “Most noticeable in larger modes like Conquest. Adding new vehicles could mean less of what is available today.”

Judging from the replies, however, fans consider this a non-issue. It seems that players are okay with swapping out vehicles in order to add variety to the maps.

Another issue is that Battlefield V’s multiplayer maps weren’t designed for airborne vehicles. They are “not built to be viewed horizontally from high altitude.” Furthermore, multiplayer game modes bring their own challenges such as Conquest where control points aren’t made to be “capturable” from air.  Additionally, Firestorm’s design doesn’t suit multiplayer, and the developers would need to tweak it to “fit the rock-paper-scissors formula” of Battlefield V.

As such, the addition of air vehicles would introduce a plethora of design and balance issues. However, this doesn’t mean that Battlefield V multiplayer won’t add them in the future. Since helicopters were used in WW2, adding them to the game won’t hurt the realism factor. If EA is able to overcome the technical complexities, it’s possible we might see a new variety of vehicles added to the first-person shooter.

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Battlefield V Developer Discusses Complexities of Adding Helicopters To Multiplayer

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