Battlefield 6 to Feature 64v64 Game Mode and Massive Maps

There hasn’t been a new battlefield game in a while, and fans are eagerly waiting for new information. Officially EA has only released a small teaser confirming the title, some leaks have also surfaced regarding the game’s timeline being set somewhere in the future. This is all we know so far, thankfully a new leak has surfaced today, and it contains a ton of extra information regarding the game’s setting. Again, take the information below with a grain of salt, even if the leaks are legit, a lot of it can change before launch as the game is under active developement.


Apparently, in the next Battlefield game, players will hold two attachments in inventory that can be changed on the fly. Previous Battlefield games also featured an assortment of attachments but those could only be swapped in the menu. 

Regarding the weapons themselves, there isn’t a lot to go by, although it seems they will be customisable to a large extent. Magazines, stocks, and barrels could be changed to suit situations. 

Squad Mechanics 

There’s not a lot of information here too, although the leak suggests different classes would feature again. The medic class for example will possess healing darts for ranged options.

Squad members would also possess the ability to call down vehicles like jeeps and ATVs. 

Maps and Game-Modes 

This is the biggest scoop here, the leak suggests Battlefield 2042 (6) would have the biggest maps in Battlefield history. Another big change is the introduction of sectors in conquest. In traditional battlefield games players have to capture certain points and hold them to win, now with the introduction of sectors in the new game, to capture an area individual sectors would have to be taken. The leak also mentions individual sectors are roughly the size of a “medium-sized Battlefield 3 Map.”

This is huge if true, the introduction of sectors can distribute the fighting between teams in different areas and bring increased focus on squad play. 

Map Destruction and Changes 

Destroyable environments are at the heart of Battlefield DNA and they will return in a big way with the next game. According to the leak, the destruction mechanics would be inspired by Battlefield Hardline, this might mean more focus on unscripted micro destruction mechanics than large scale environment changes. 

Destruction is a core pillar in the Battlefield franchise and Hardline is no exception. With reduced explosives and less heavy armored vehicles many of our maps feature dense micro destruction. Players can create their own path through the rooms of a building by punching doorway-size holes with grenade launchers. They also have the ability to create smaller holes with melee or gunfire, say just large enough to toss a flashbang, or gas grenade through. Much of the cover placed around the maps will erode with gunfire, causing players to change tactics and seek different routes. In addition to the destruction placed throughout the maps “Levolution” is making a strong return, but this time with a Hardline flair.

– EA, Battlefield Hardline

Weather changes would also feature in the upcoming Battlefield title and the leak prominently mentions Tornados and Twisters. 

Everything Else 

  • 64v64 has been tested and likely feature in the game, this is twice as much as the previous titles capping out at 32v32. 
  • No cross-play at launch. 
  • Grapple hooks and Wingsuits can feature at launch. 
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Battlefield 6 to Feature 64v64 Game Mode and Massive Maps

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