Battlefield 5 Open Beta Statistics Revealed, Upcoming Changes Detailed

Battlefield 5, DICE’s upcoming large scale first person shooter, finished its open beta earlier this month. Throughout the free public beta, which ran from September 6th to September 11th, “tens of millions of hours” were spent playing Conquest and Grand Operations in Rotterdam and Narvik. Today, DICE unveiled the official statistics of the open beta and talked about the future of Battlefield 5.


Displayed neatly in an info-graphic, the statistics of the open beta shed light on all sorts of game data, ranging from class popularity to fortifications constructed, and even number of snowmen built.

Battlefield 5 Open Beta
Open Beta Statistics

Open Beta Findings

In the same blog post, Battlefield 5 developers share their discoveries and highlight the upcoming changes and additions. One of Battlefield’s differentiating factors from other first person shooters is the limited ammunition and health pool. In response to community feedback, the developers will be removing some Supply Stations and tweaking ammo count so that players “spawn somewhat more capably.” 

Battlefield 5 lacks the “tortilla chip-shaped” spotting system seen in previous installments, which resulted in visibility issues arising on the Rotterdam map. Together with tweaks to lighting, a distance haze has been added to alleviate this problem. Upon launch, the amount of time you spent bleeding out will be taken into consideration when calculating spawn wait timer.

While most weapons in the Battlefield 5 open beta are in the correct place in terms of balance, others “stand out in their power.” To achieve a balanced gameplay experience, some weapons will undergo changes so the Time to Kill is consistent and feels “just right.” Additionally, players complained that vehicles, specifically the medium and heavy tanks, “felt too heavy”. Addressing these complaints, DICE says that vehicle properties will “make more sense” when new vehicles, such as the light tanks, are added in the final game. Similarly, the “systematic” vehicle damage functionality will be improved, so players feel “less dead in the water” when their vehicle is damaged.

Lastly, pilots and gunners will have an easier time spotting enemies following the extension of the max range. “This should help planes acquiring ground targets and make sure that planes aren’t disconnected with the ground combat.” Battlefield 5 launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 20th.

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Battlefield 5 Open Beta Statistics Revealed, Upcoming Changes Detailed

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