Battlefield 5 Map Voting Between Rounds Won’t be Available at Launch

The ability to vote for maps after the end of a round, a feature seen in Battlefield 1, will not be available at Battlefield 5’s launch. In a recent weekly debrief post, global community manager Dan Mitre listed the upcoming blogs, articles, and videos regarding Battlefield 5. Responding to the question of map voting in Battlefield 5, Mitre says, Unfortunately, this will not be available at launch.”

When asked if the feedback from Battlefield 1’s map voting was used during map development, Level Designer Mathias Wagner replied, “We always look at the different data points that we have access to, but I don’t think the map voting gave us too much on an influence. The TLDR of the map voting results are pretty straight forward: People love CQB and city maps, they are on the top. Then basically almost all maps are equally voted +/- 5% and then we have night maps. They seem to pretty un-popular. Even though I personally think both of them are amazing maps.”

Surprisingly, fans responded with mostly positive feedback, as the map voting feature would result in only popular maps being played all the time. It’s unclear whether map voting will be added to Battlefield 5 later on, but it seems that fans have a better time with the added randomness. As Battlefield 1 received map voting in a post-launch update, DICE might try something similar with Battlefield 5.

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Battlefield 5 Map Voting Between Rounds Won’t be Available at Launch

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