RUMOR: Battlefield 2042’s Playtest on Xbox Consoles Is Reportedly Running Better Than On PC

Whether it’s due to build issues or something that’s to be sorted still on the platform, Xbox players are reportedly getting a better experience for Battlefield 2042 than those on PC.

With Battlefield 2042’s release creeping closer and closer, Electronic Arts’ and DICE’s efforts to streamline the game in the lead-up to its launch is ramping up. Last Thursday, the game had its first ever exclusive, invite-only playtest on PC, where players on the platform finally got their first chance to play the next iteration of DICE and EA’s yearly shooter series.

After PC players, those on Xbox also got to playtest Battlefield 2042 on the Series consoles. If rumors are to be believed from insider Tom Henderson, this console version of the game is also reportedly much smoother in terms of performance compared to the PC version, which he has tweeted below.

Early days for the PC platform

Even if the report is true, there are some things to consider. Firstly, consoles are almost always better optimized at big AAA titles, due to the fact that they are where most of the playerbase plays on. There’s also very little room for error once the full game comes out, and Battlefield 2042 being better optimized for consoles on launch is a way to save on the storage space that would inevitably be eaten by patch fixes, an issue that can be avoided if the game launches in the best possible state.

Prospective players on PC should also take into account that every rig is built differently. What may work for another setup can be different for somebody else with a different processor and graphics card. Nvidia ahead of launch has already stated that it will fully support DLSS and Nvidia Reflect for the game on PC, making use of the manufacturer’s powerful graphics processing power on their newest cards.

Where’s the playtest for PS5?

While select Xbox and PC players are already enjoying their first taste of the game, a big question right now is where is the playtest for those on the PlayStation 5. An EA community manager recently took to Twitter to address this question, and you can see part of the thread below.

Apparently, the game was already set for its own playtest this weekend alongside PlayStation 5, but the developers ran into a critical issue with their submitted build for the console. This means that the PS5 players won’t be part of the crossplay testing that is currently ongoing, and that the player base should look forward to more developments with regards to this in the future.

In other news, the ongoing playtest for PC has been a hotbed for leaked footage, as more than thirty minutes of video from select playtesters have been released online. EA and DICE have taken measures to prevent this from happening, with the same EA community manager warning those on the playtest to adhere to EA’s rules when it comes to media, lest they face bans from future playtests or even the full game itself, once Battlefield 2042 releases this October.

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