Battlefield 1 Players Pause The Carnage to Commemorate The End of WW1

To celebrate Armistice Day, Battlefield 1 players put a pause on the fighting on the 11th hour of November 11th. Today was the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War 1, and players of both teams from a particular server gathered on the beach to commemorate the memorable event.

From this video shared by a player on Reddit, we see at least 6 players come together on the beach, at which point they are attacked by a plane. By the end of the short clip, the player filming the scenario gets killed by an enemy, who apologized later.

“Sorry for stabbing you in the back,” the backstabber says. “Got annoyed that our team kept on getting killed.”

Last year’s Christmas Truce in Battlefield 1 wasn’t exactly a pleasant sight, so it’s nice to see that this time around players were a bit more tolerant.

It should be noted that the developers did not promote this ahead of time, meaning this stunt was all thanks to several like-minded individuals honoring Remembrance Day. Technical designer at DICE Jan David Hassel even acknowledged the act on Twitter.

Farhan Ali
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