Battle Royale game mode announced for free to play arena brawler Battlerite

Battlerite is a free to play hero based arena brawler. The game offers fast paced top down player versus player combat. Developer Stunlock Studios announced that a battle royale mode will be coming to Battlerite this summer.

Battlerite Royale

The new game mode will be called Battlerite Royale and will feature a roster of 27 heroes. The game mode will pit 20 players against each other on a map 30 times larger than the standard arena map. Just like the base game, the Battlerite Royale will be playable solo or in teams of two. As seen in the arena mode, the game mode will utilize the top-down camera angle. To keep things short and sweet, the matches will last for 10 minutes after which the last team standing will be crowned victors.

“Battlerite Royale is played in a top-down perspective using WASD controls and victory depends on factors such as players’ skill, map awareness, situational builds, and a sliver of luck. During fast-paced 10-minute matches players explore the map in order to find a variety of items, fight other players to grab their loot, and, ultimately, be the last one standing on the island. There are 27 unique Champions to choose from that offer a robust mix of roles: ranged, melee, and support. Every champion plays differently and mastering their abilities is the key to survive on the island, which makes Battlerite Royale stand out from similar titles.”

Battlerite is the next game to join the battle royale bandwagon and certainly will not be the last. Paladins, Call of Duty and Battlefield will also be getting a battle royale game mode soon. We’ll have to wait and see how a unique arena brawler plays as a battle royale game.

After initially launching in early access in late 2016, Battlerite is available as a free to play game on Steam. The game allows users to unlock characters through in-game currency or via micro transactions.


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