Bass, But Not Really? Dirac To Introduce Bass Virtualization Software In 2019

Over the years, many companies have worked hard to become prominent figures in the sound scene. Names like Sony, Bang & Olufson, Philips, Bose, and JBL are some examples but have you heard of Dirac? I asked around and only one of my twelve friends knew about it. To be absolutely fair to them, they don’t make any home audio systems per se, they “specialize in digital sound optimization.” If this doesn’t make sense to you, what it translates into for you and me is that they take audio quality really seriously.

Dirac Bass

While Dirac doesn’t have its own consumer product line-up, they do collaborate with some interesting companies in the automotive industry, they work with Bentley, BMW and Rolls Royce to name a few. In the smartphone scene they often collaborate with Huawei, Xiaomi, Oneplus, and Motorola. Oneplus’ new flagship 6T already utilizes Dirac audio. Smartphones that utilize Dirac’s audio technology will be able to use Dirac’s latest unveiled feature, Dirac Bass.

The Oneplus 6T (Mclaren Edition)

What Does It Do?

What Dirac is targeting with this feature is phones with very tiny speaker grills. Smartphone users are demanding more screen real-estate without increasing the size of the phone itself. More screen and less bezels mean less room for speakers which results in bad quality. The problem with tiny speakers is that audio quality takes a big hit. Dirac believes that with Dirac Bass they will significantly overcome the problem of audio quality. Pure bass production is very hard for small speakers and can even damage them in the long run. In other words, the micro-speakers in smartphones weren’t made to work at such frequencies. Dirac’s solution will make it so that frequencies as low a 30Hz are audible from the phones speakers.

How Does It Work?

How the feature is meant to function is it will make “a combination of artificially generated overtones that are several octaves higher”. What this means is, the speaker will produce sounds at a higher frequency but because of the way we perceive sound, it will sound like a much deeper, clearer, and “transparent” bass. Though some phones are capable of producing a 30Hz sound as it is, we wouldn’t recommend you try it.

When To Expect This

Dirac already has it’s standees ready for CES 2019, where they will show the world “true” bass. They say that smartphones and portable speakers will be the ones getting the treatment. They also tell us that Dirac Bass will work in exclusive conjunction with Dirac Panorama Sound or Dirac Power Sound.

So if you want to feel that bass, you better make sure you have the full Dirac kit in your smartphone. Rumor has it that Dirac plans to bring this feature only to future phones.  Guess they wanted to give those Oneplus 6T owners a reason to get the much anticipated Oneplus 7.

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Bass, But Not Really? Dirac To Introduce Bass Virtualization Software In 2019

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