Bandai Namco Announces Little Nightmares 3, Coming 2024

At the Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live, Bandai Namco announced the latest entry in the horror platformer franchise Little Nightmares, Little Nightmares 3. Building upon its predecessors, this installment aims to provide players with an immersive experience, navigating through a world of eerie dreams and challenging scenarios.

For the first time in the series, Little Nightmares 3 will offer online co-op gameplay, allowing players to team up with friends for a joint experience. Players can also choose a solo journey with an AI companion to navigate the intricate challenges.

In this installment, players will assume the roles of two children, Low and Alone, each equipped with distinct tools—Low wields a bow and arrows, while Alone utilizes a wrench. The adventure unfolds within the enigmatic Necropolis, a desert city filled with remnants of wind-powered mechanisms and an aura of both perpetual energy and impending danger.

Central to the plot is the enigma surrounding the vanished Dwellers, the original inhabitants of the Necropolis. As players guide Low and Alone through their explorations, they may unveil hidden truths buried beneath layers of sand. Among the new adversaries is Monster Baby, a Resident characterized by a menacing eye and ambiguous motives.

Little Nightmares Now Has Its Own Podcast

A new addition has been introduced to the Little Nightmares universe in the form of a podcast series named “The Sounds of Nightmares.” The podcast tells an original story about a young girl named Noone who is dealing with increasingly unsettling dreams. In search of a solution, she turns to private therapy sessions with her counselor, Otto.

As they talk, a peculiar connection emerges between Noone’s nightmares and Otto’s own hidden past. The podcast consists of six episodes, with the first two now available on popular podcast platforms. The remaining episodes will be released weekly until the series is completed.

Little Nightmares 3 is set to launch on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in 2024.


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