“Balanced rock-paper-scissors gameplay”, EA on Pay-to-Win Currency in Battlefield 5

Much like many other games, EA’s upcoming Battlefield 5 features a progression system. The large-scale first-person shooter offers 5 types of ranks that can be increased by performing certain tasks. In a blog post, EA talks about the in-game currency and the progression system in Battlefield 5.


Battlefield 5 uses two currency types, Company Coin and Battlefield Currency. The non-premium Company Coin can be earned by playing the game and can be used to unlock items, both cosmetics and gameplay items, that can be used to upgrade your Company. Players can earn Company Coin by progressing their Career rank, completing daily missions, or completing special assignments.

“Battlefield Currency will not be available at launch. We want players to get hands-on experience with their Company, the progression system, and earning Company Coin before introducing premium currency,” says EA.Balanced rock-paper-scissors gameplay has always been the foundation of the Battlefield series, and our belief is that real-world money should not enable pay-to-win or pay-for-power.”

Alternatively, the optional Battlefield Currency can be purchased with real-world money and is used to unlock specific cosmetic items. The premium currency will see a delayed launch as EA attempts to strike a balance between “pay-to-win” and “pay-for-power” aspects of it.


In Battlefield 5, player progress is represented using 5 categories: Career, Class, Weapon, Vehicle, and Chapter. By improving in any one of these ranks, the player is rewarded with cosmetics or gameplay items that vary with rank. Most of the unlocked items can be used in your Company which will benefit you during matches by providing you with more options.

The Career rank is essentially the main progression line that represents how much you’ve played the game. It can be increased by playing matches and performing many tasks in Battlefield 5. By increasing your Career rank, you will be rewarded with the in-game currency called Company Coin, and vehicles that can be added to your Company. The Class rank represents how often you play as a certain class. The more time you spend playing as a class, the more weapons and gadgets you will unlock for it.

Each vehicle and primary weapon in Battlefield 5 has a progression system: the Weapon and Vehicle rank can be progressed by earning XP for a specific primary weapon or vehicle. Players have the option to spend Company Coin to unlock choices for their specialization. Finally, the Chapter rank, the description of which is still a bit hazy, progresses as you play through the chapters of Tides of War. The more you play during a chapter, the more your rank increases, which means you will unlock more Chapter rewards.

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“Balanced rock-paper-scissors gameplay”, EA on Pay-to-Win Currency in Battlefield 5

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