Bad News For Denuvo, Hitman 2 Gets Cracked Before Official Release

DRM companies have been in constant battle with scene groups for quite some time. We have seen multitudes of DRM software over the years with varying degrees of success. There hasn’t been any software that has stopped scene groups from cracking a game.

Yet Denuvo has been the most successful DRM software till date. The software doesn’t protect a game indefinitely, but it does manage to delay the cracks and protect the initial launch window. This approach has been highly successful and Denuvo has seen its popularity soar, being present in most AAA titles now.

Hitman 2 Gets Cracked Before Release

Well this might seem a bit contradictory with the information stated above, but it’s not the first time a new version of Denuvo (5.2) has been cracked early.

GOG’s Anti DRM slogan

But getting cracked before launch with a new version of Denuvo seems rather unfortunate. This release doesn’t come from a usual scene group, but from a new group called FCKDRM. No it’s not from CDProjekt Red’s Anti DRM slogan, but the group seem to have borrowed the name.

Buyers who purchased the Gold Edition of Hitman 2 got early access, before the game’s official launch and that was the version that got cracked. Not only Hitman but Assassin’s Creed Odyssey also got cracked. Although Denuvo did protect Odyssey in its initial launch window.

Games from Ubisoft are also protected by VMProtect on top of Denuvo, this actually makes a big difference as most Ubisoft games take significant amounts of time to be cracked after launch. A lot of gamers even complained about 100% CPU usage on Assassins Creed Origins and blamed it on the implementation of Dual DRMs, but Ubisoft denied the claims.

This Can Affect Upcoming Titles Too

A lot of games using Denuvo’s new 5.2 version were also cracked recently. Just Cause 4 will also be protected by Denuvo, so there’s some possibility scene groups bring out cracks in a few days of release.

This isn’t really bad news for Game Developers, but it might be for Denuvo. If cracks start appearing within a few days after launch, companies might start looking for other providers, or use their in-house protection software.

Our team at Appuals has mixed feelings about DRM, we know ideally it shouldn’t be there, but its well within a company’s right to try and protect their intellectual property. Whatever the case may be, its important that you buy the games you want to play and support the devs.

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