Bad News for AMD Fans: 7nm Navi GPUs Delayed Until October 2019

AMD recently unveiled the Radeon VII, a high-end graphics card based on the 2nd gen Vega architecture built on the latest 7 nm silicon fabrication process. Everyone had really high hopes with AMD this year but the Radeon VII’s performance was found to be rather underwhelming, only matching the performance of the Nvidia counterpart, the RTX 2080, that too occasionally. The fact that both the cards cost exactly the same i.e. $700 and the extra features like Ray-tracing and DLSS on the RTX side gave the green team a win over the consumers.

No Navi Graphics Cards Until October

The Radeon VII was only a proportional improvement over the Vega architecture. What everyone has been waiting for is NAVI, the new GPU architecture planned for 2019, which will be built from ground up with the 7 nm process and is supposed to be the greatest leap in AMD’s GPU roadmap.

Mainstream Navi GPUs were expected to be shown off sometime in Summer this year but according to the latest leaks, AMD won’t be taking the covers off Navi until October. This comes as shocking news for those who have been waiting for Navi to build a new gaming rig or upgrade their PC, including me, as they will have to wait a lot longer than they thought. Some speculation tells us that this could be a result of lack of resources at TSMC, who are responsible for manufacturing chips for Navi as well as Zen 2. Another possible reason we could think of was that AMD might be waiting on Sony and Microsoft as next-generation consoles, which could be running on Navi GPUs, are to be announced this year.

AMD 7 nm Navi based GPUs: What to expect in October?

The leaks suggest several mainstream GPU launches this year, all based on the Navi architecture, beating the competition while still costing a lot less.

So far we know about 3 new GPUs: (Deep Speculation)

  • RX 3080, with 8 GB of GDDR6 memory, competing with the RTX 2070, coming at a very generous price of $249.
  • RX 3070, also with 8 GB of GDDR6 memory, competing with the RTX 2060, costing $199.
  • RX 3060, with 4 GB of GDDR6 memory, competing with the GTX 1060, costing only $129.

If the leaks turn out to be true, Navi could bring a shining moment in the history of AMD. Everything is based on mere speculation, of course, and we can do nothing but wait until the official launch in October for final confirmation.


  1. I left two comments pointing out that this story is false and the editors are too afraid to publish them.

    So much for integrity, truth and honesty.

  2. So you comment was unapproved because it was in poor taste and didn’t adhere to our guidelines. Secondly, cowcotland got the info from their sources so there is no way we can verify it. “If the leaks turn out to be true” we included this line here clearly stating its a leak/speculation. Many big tech websites have covered this story and we have ample reasons to believe that the launch could indeed by delayed by a few months.

    I would be happy to reply if you bring me hard facts as to why this story is false.

    Have a nice Day!

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