AYA’s Upcoming “AYANEO Next” Handheld Will Be Powered By AMD’s Next-Generation Cores

The gaming handheld market in general has exploded over the past two years with devices like the GPD Win and AYA Neo leading the way. While the Nintendo Switch arguably breath a new life into this category back in 2017, it’s the PC-based handheld that’re now front-lining the innovation. AYA, the creator of the AYA Neo and the recently-released AYA NEO PRO 2021, two potent handhelds that helped shape the market, is now working on a new gaming handheld device and it seems like they’re ready to unveil it to the world in the coming days.

You may remember the AYA Neo, a handheld gaming console that contributed greatly in the handheld renaissance of 2021. After the GPD Win 3, it was the first major handheld that made waves because it not only packed decent performance comparable to its rivals, but it carried the weight of a Windows 10 installation on top. Not only that, it was powered by an AMD APU under the hood. Then, AYA refreshed their handheld with a new Pro model that was ever more powerful. Now, they’re ready to embark on their latest journey.

The handheld, purportedly named “AYANEONEXT” is set to be revealed on 28th December 2021. What’s special is that AYA is saying it will feature AMD’s next-generation high performance cores. The original AYA Neo had a Ryzen 4 4600-H APU with Vega graphics, while the upgraded Pro model bumped that up to the Ryzen 7 4800-H. The jump in cores, from 6 to 8, lent negligible performance improvement since the underlying GPU architecture, Vega, was not dated and severely underwhelming.

But that’s about to change soon AMD are set to launch Ryzen 6000 “Rembrandt”¬†APUs in January featuring new Zen3+ cores based on TSMC‘s 6nm node, and RDNA 2 graphics alongside. AYA didn’t exactly confirm if their new gaming handheld will feature Ryzen 6000 or whether they’ll stick with Ryzen 5000, but, regardless, it seems like a major improvement is in store. With the Steam Deck on the horizon, it’s about time AYA stepped up and reminded the competition who’s the real pioneer of this industry.

Huzaifa Haroon
Born and raised around computers, Huzaifa is an avid gamer and a Windows enthusiast. When he's not solving the mysteries of technology, you can find him writing about operating systems, striving to inform the curious.

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AYA’s Upcoming “AYANEO Next” Handheld Will Be Powered By AMD’s Next-Generation Cores

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