AYANEO Unveils “NEXT 2” Handheld Featuring Ryzen 7000 CPU and Next-Gen GPU

The newest AYANEO NEXT model has been unveiled by AYANEO, with a more streamlined design and AMD’s newest Ryzen 7000 CPUs. It’s interesting to note that the system’s “discrete graphics” have not yet been disclosed by the business.  

The design of the portable console AYANEO NEXT 2 is mostly unchanged from its predecessor. The firm has learned a few things from the manufacturing and design of the Steam Deck to open up additional possibilities with the new AYANEO NEXT 2 portable. 

The CPU upgrade is marketed as “next-gen,” which suggests that the first Zen4 APU would appear in such a device. It is important to remember that the 7000 series also includes the Zen3, Zen3+, and Zen2 microarchitectures in addition to Zen4. The language used here might be crucial.


However, it is more significant that the tweet reaffirms that the console would have separate graphics. This might be the recently announced Radeon RX 7600S with 28 Compute Units as it is doubtful that a firm would confuse discrete with integrated GPU, like the Phoenix APU with Zen4/RDNA3 graphics. This GPU uses between 50 and 70W of power, which is less than we would anticipate from such little hardware. AYANEO is either withholding the GPU’s name because AMD has not yet made an announcement about it or because the business is currently considering its possibilities.

The official tweet for the new model also includes the introduction of the AYANEO NEXT 2 (or NEXT II) and two photos with the term KUN, which is regarded as a gender-neutral name in certain Chinese traditions and means “earth.” This would match the two adverts and would also provide a clue as to the color schemes that will be used once the new system is formally announced by the firm.

Source: Videocardz


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