AYANEO 2 Gaming Handheld Featuring AMD Zen3 Internals Launches This September

After just having unveiled the a next-gen handheld with Intel Arc graphics last month, today, AYANEO designers and CEO held a 5-hour long event in which they revealed their (more reasonable) upcoming products, namely the AYANEO 2 and the AYANEO Air.

AYANEO Air will start shipping early to first backers and various media reviewers from today. AYANEO Air has a lineup of its own featuring the Ryzen 5000 APUs, along with a gorgeous OLED screen. It’s a thin-and-light in the form of a handheld console, believe it or not. 

Moreover, the AYANEO 2 will ship with the Zen 3 based Ryzen 7 6800U processor featuring 8 cores and 16 threads. As compared to the Steam Deck, this handheld will have 12 RDNA2 Compute Units (CUs), 50% more than Valve’s offering.

AYANEO 2 also has an official release date. The company plans to launch the initial batch in the end of September whereas mass shipment will begin in October.

AYANEO 2 Release Date | AYANEO

Interestingly, the AYANEO 2 operates on the Windows OS making it the first handheld gaming device to run Windows out of the box and not Linux. As for the display, a full HD IPS panel will be placed inside thin bezels. Therefore, we can expect better image quality than the original, which only has a measly 720p display.

If these specifications are breathtaking, then you’ll be surprised to know that this is not even the flagship model. The highest end AYANEO console will be the AYANEO Next 2 featuring a larger display, analog sticks, buttons and also touchpads similar to the Steam Deck.


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