AYANEO NEXT 2 Handheld Gaming Console Announced with Discrete AMD and Intel Graphics

After already having announced numerous handheld gaming consoles this year, AYANEO has just unveiled its next one today, literally. The AYANEO NEXT 2 is the company’s latest flagship handheld and it’s the first of its kind in more ways than one. It was unexpectedly introduced through a live broadcast on the brand’s YouTube channel.

As the name suggests, the NEXT 2 is the successor to 2021’s AYANEO NEXT. It’s not even been 6 months since the NEXT has been available to consumers, but the company has already announced the next-gen version. However, it would be wrong to say we’re not excited with where AYANEO is taking there premier handheld. 

AYANEO NEXT 2 takes a major departure from its predecessor and some of the other handhelds the company makes, like the AYANEO 2, when it comes to design. Firstly, the chassis is a lot bigger this time around, almost as big as the Steam Deck.

The similarities between the two don’t end here. The NEXT 2 even features trackpads on either side of the handheld that closely resemble those found on the Steam Deck. This suggests that Deck-supported games utilizing its trackpads could make good use of the NEXT 2’s trackpads right out of the box without much tinkering.

Apart from that, as you can see above, the device looks extremely premium in both colors. You may have noticed the black version of the handheld features two different accent colors; blue and orange. These are not present for just aesthetics, in fact, this distinction helps tastefully separate the two variants of the device. More on this down below. 

AYANEO NEXT 2 discrete graphics

Externals aside, the real juicy bit is in the inside. The AYANEO NEXT 2 is the first console ever to feature discrete graphics inside a handheld. Usually, all handheld devices like this use integrated graphics, or a SoC which houses the GPU on the same chip as the CPU. However, AYANEO has take a completely different approach here and chosen to implement dedicated graphics in the NEXT 2.

Even more interestingly, NEXT 2 will come in two flavors, one featuring AMD internals, while the other featuring Intel internals. For the AMD variant, the handheld will sport a Ryzen 6000 “Rembrandt” mobile CPU along with a Radeon 6000M GPU. Whereas the Intel variant comes with a 12th Gen Alder Lake processor, but an Arc A-Series mobile GPU.

That’s right, an Arc GPU inside a handheld. That would make the NEXT 2 the world’s first handheld to feature Arc Alchemist graphics under the hood. And from the size of the device, we can deduct that it has a good chance of rocking the ACM-G11 GPU with a configuration of up to 8 Xe-Cores, if it utilizes the whole chip.

We say that’s a possibility because AYANEO didn’t actually confirm the exact parts they’re using for the NEXT 2. We just know the generation and the product family, but not the SKU. Regardless, it won’t be long before the company reveals more details and we find out.

Pricing and availability

And that’s where we stand in terms of other details, as well. AYANEO did not reveal the price or launch date of the NEXT 2. The fact that we didn’t even get a launch window means that it’ll be some time before we see the handheld actually release.

We do, however, know that this is a top-end flagship device, so going by AYANEO’s track record, it won’t be unreasonable to expect the NEXT 2 to cost over $1000 USD.

AYANEO product lineup | AYANEO

That being said, AYANEO will soon launch some budget handhelds in the sub-$300 segment which feature lower-end Intel and AMD APUs. Moreover, the company also has a couple of mid-range offerings rocking Zen3+ Ryzen 6000U processors with RDNA 2 graphics, though these will run you anywhere between $650-$1000 USD.

All in all, the AYANEO NEXT 2 is looking like an interesting handheld. Right now, there really is no competition to the mainstream appeal of the Steam Deck. However, if the NEXT 2 offers unprecedented performance in this form factor, despite the higher price tag, then it could potentially be a great buy. For now, let’s just hope the product does not get subject to any delays.


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