Avatar: Generations Getting a Soft Launch

Remember, Avatar, The Last Airbender? Well, the franchise isn’t dead yet as fans still clamor to rewatch the series as it was one of the best shows put out by Nickeleoden to this date. Keeping the tradition alive, Square Enix and Navigator games have revealed that they’ll be launching a new Avatar mobile game which is called Avatar: Generations. Excited about the game? Let’s get right into it!

Avatar: Generations to Feature a Soft-Launch

Avatar: Generations is expected to launch in carefully selected territories this month. The game is designed to be a free-to-play RPG so expect loads of in-game items, collectibles, and cosmetic items to choose from. The game will be released on Android and iOS devices.

The game won’t have your traditional launch as normal games do. Avatar: Generations will feature a soft launch in countries such as Canada, South Africa, and Sweden. Truth be told, the country selection for the soft launch seems to be a bit strange to us, but Square Enix and Navigator games know what they’re doing, and hopefully, the game will be widely available in all regions pretty soon.

To celebrate the game’s soft launch announcement, Navigator Games and Square Enix have revealed a website that fans and gamers can visit to get a lot more insight and what to expect in the future.

If it’s an RPG, then we might not get to see characters returning, right? You’d be wrong there, as Avatar: Generations will feature all of your beloved characters from the show, such as Aang, Sokka, Zuko, Suki, Katara, and Toph. But we can’t forget to add Momo, can we? 

The game will allow you to fill the shoes of the characters from across the franchise as they journey to allow and aid Aang in fulfilling his destiny. But the game won’t end just there. It’s bound to feature numerous updates along the way that will allow you to explore and navigate new areas in the form of Korra, Rokku, and Avatar Kyoshi across the four nations.

Just like traditional RPGs like Final Fantasy, Avatar: Generations will give you the chance to participate in Squad Battles and enjoy numerous unique adventure sequences in-game. You won’t be stuck with the characters you have, as players can upgrade and customize party members and also add new heroes to the squad to aid you in your journey. 

Players will get the chance to visit iconic locations featured in the show and relive various memorable events and stories. You get to explore a vast open world, and you also get access to new original stories carefully crafted for Avatar: Generations. This will surely expand the Avatar Universe.

So, are you excited for the upcoming Avatar game, or do you have any concerns you want to voice? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals. So tune in later for more exciting Avatar: Generations news. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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