Autotmotive Industry To Benefit A Lot from DDR5 DRAM’s Error Correction Code, Says Hynix

DDR5 DRAMs have been in development since quite some time now. As we are inching towards the release, we are slowly learning more about the fifth generation of DDR DRAM.It was revealed today that DDR5 DRAM will be a more reliable solution for automotive memory. That is owing to two reasons. First of all, we have higher data transmission speeds. Secondly, we have the error correction code (ECC) will now be embedded on the chip.

DDR5 DRAM- The next ground-breaking thing?

As Korea Herald reports, “The error correction code, known as ECC, self-detects and retrieves errors in data transfer, now embedded in the chip, said Kim Dong-kyun, research fellow for DRAM design at SK hynix, the world’s second-largest memory chipmaker. Such error-checking protocol is crucial in the future of automotive memory that transfers and processes vast amount of data inside the brain of a self-driving car”.  For those who are unaware, error correction involves protection against soft errors with the help of ECC. These are usually used in mission-critical applications, such as scientific computing and stuff.

Emphasizing on the importance of quality in automobiles, Kim says that it is necessary for DRAMs to have ECC. He further adds that the ECC adopted by them will make it a much more reliable option for automotive. While Kim only emphasized on the automotive industry, ECC will benefit a lot of other sectors too. Two of the major sectors to benefit from it will be Big data analytics and the AI industry. If you are wondering how much faster DDR5 will be over DDR4, it is about 60 percent.

DDR5 DRAMs are expected to rise in demand over the coming years. As per IDC, DDR5 will account for 25 percent of market share in 2021 and 44 percent in 2022. The speed of DRAM will be further raised to 6.4 gigabits per second from 5.4 gigabits per second by 2022. Meanwhile, Kim also added that the sixth generation of DRAMs is also in the works. It is forecasted to be developed in about 5 to 6 years.



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