August Update Brings New Features for Xbox Insiders and Improves Xbox Guide, Parties & Chats

Last week Xbox’s head of design and research showed how they are unifying the whole Xbox experience irrespective of the hardware. Now, with the August update, they are implementing some of the features they talked about and more. The August update will be live for everyone only in a matter of days, and it includes a refined guide for the new players on the platform, improvements in parties and chats, and some new features exclusive for those who subscribe for the Xbox insiders program.

Improved landing page

Xbox Guide

Xbox Guide serves as the point of reference for the new and seasoned players alike. The new update will streamline the whole Xbox Guide experience. The new Guide landing page is cleaner and easier to read at a glance. It is now easier to navigate between the dashboard, My games, and Apps. Users can now rearrange and edit the tabs shown on the landing page. Important utilities like notifications, audio settings, etc. and their respective buttons are also shown at the bottom. It will make it easier for users to access these features quickly.

Individual volume slider

Parties and Chats

Party is an essential part of the multiplayer experience. With the increasing popularity of the Battle Royale games, it has now become more relevant. The June update combined Parties and Chats into a single tab, and the August update refines it further. Firstly, the messages that you receive from your Party or your friends are now available on the notifications tab, too, which will make it easier for the player to see or respond to these. Additionally, the much-requested individual volume feature is now available too.

Ther new community feed shows highlights of the week, such as new releases, popular gameplays, and screengrabs. It is now easier for users to discover the players and game features on the tiles.

Customizable themes & texts

New features for the Xbox Insiders

The subscribers of the Xbox Insiders program will get additional features apart from the ones mentioned above. These include the ability to sign in on multiple devices at the same time and the ability to customize texts and themes. You can choose and customize a range of different themes for your profile, and they will keep on adding more themes from now on. The ability to sign in on different devices will let you play your favorite game on your console while your sibling is watching movies on another using the same account.

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August Update Brings New Features for Xbox Insiders and Improves Xbox Guide, Parties & Chats

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