Audio-Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone Review

Audio Technica AT2035

The Best Microphone Under $200

  • Large diaphragm for smooth natural sound and low noise
  • Nice build quality
  • Comes with a shock mount
  • Good Sound quality
  • A bit heavy
  • Doesn’t come with a stand

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Microphone Type: Condenser | Polar Pattern: Cardioid | Frequency Response: 20Hz-20Khz | Max SPL: 148db | Output Impedance: 120 ohms | Low Cut Filter: 80Hz (-12 db/ Octave) | Pads: -10db | Connector: XLR | Weight: 0.89 lbs

VERDICT:The best budget condenser microphone, perfect for all the studio musicians and people who do not want to pay a large amount of money for the microphone but still want the microphone to have decent features. The sound quality on this microphone was exceptional, keeping in view its price this is definitely a bang for the buck.

Since the invention of the Microphone, it has played a very important role in human life. The technological advancements made since the invention of Microphone are revolutionary. Microphones are used in so many devices nowadays and have been used in many places like film industries but ever since “Streaming” started to become more of a trend, microphones started to become more and more popular.

Audio-Technica AT2035 At First Glance

Nowadays there is a wide range of microphones out there in the market that one cannot decide which microphone to buy. There are thousands of microphones from different brands with each brand claiming their microphone to be the Best one out there. Nowadays choosing a microphone isn’t such a simple task as there is a microphone for every task. Some microphones have these top-end features in them that are required for some tasks while some microphones are simple enough to be someone’s first choice. While shopping for microphones these days one has to be sure of what his requirements are and for what purpose he needs the microphone for. If you need a microphone that is simple yet you don’t want to compromise in the quality of the microphone then the Audio Technica AT2035 might be the one for you.

Decent aesthetics makes the dream works!


Design wise the Audio Technica AT2035 gives a very simple look. It gives the minimalistic look while being a classy microphone. Although the microphone looks very simple but it does weigh more than it looks it should. Overall the design of the Audio Technica AT2035 is very elegant, it is nothing too fancy and it is also not very boring and by no means does it look like a cheap microphone. The microphone has a very nice metal grille that contributes to its overall look. The microphone is all black as most of the microphones nowadays are found to be, there is “Audio Technica” written at the very front of the microphone. This specific microphone is very well known for its simplicity. The condenser that this microphone houses inside it is fairly small and is just under 1 inch. The pattern of this microphone is known as the “Cardioid polar pattern”. This particular pattern of this microphone helps the voice coming from the front pick up more efficiently while avoiding the background noises.

Build Quality

Quality wise the Audio Technica AT2035 is a microphone whose build quality is pretty awesome. The whole microphone is made up of metal and it also has a very nice looking metal grille. The microphone is a sturdy microphone Out of the box we also get a nice soft case for keeping the microphone the case has nice padding along the sides, and this microphone also came with a shock mount which is a plus point in our book.

Solid Build Quality

The shock mount is a small and low profile shock mount made up entirely of plastic, it has a single knob which is used to tighten the microphone into the mount, the knob is also made up of plastic. The shock mount that comes with the Audio Technica AT2035 is a very small shock mount and it is also very light as it is made up of plastic only.

As the shock mount is very light so it makes it very easy to handle and it makes it much easier to balance it on the microphone stand. The microphone can be put into the shock mount by simply pushing the microphone into the large rings that can be seen on the shock mount. The microphone fits perfectly into the shock mount and it doesn’t feel wobbly or anything like that at all.


The Audio Technica AT2035 has a lot of cool features inside it. The microphone has a very large diaphragm hence the name “Audio Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone”. This microphone was built with special care and the attention to the details can be clearly seen on this microphone. What the large diaphragm

The pad controller is a very unique and handy feature.

does is that it ensures balanced audio, meaning all the highs, lows and even mids are on point and so that it gives the user an overall satisfying performance. The large diaphragm also helps the microphone to focus on reproducing an overall better and natural sound also with low noise. In short, the sound, as a result, would be a lot smoother and quieter.

The microphone also has 2 buttons on the back of it. What these buttons are for? Well, there are two modes that the button can be used for, one is a 10-decibel pad which helps when the sound is very loud as if you are playing guitar or something then this feature would be very useful to you. The other option is a bass roll off, what that does is that it cuts the frequencies below 80 Hertz which helps in the dealing with low-frequency rumbles. The Audio Technica AT2305 features a maximum of 20 dB SPL which is definitely going to be a plus point for most users. This microphone also has its own shock mount which separates the microphone from sudden shock and noise which results in better sound clarity. Keep in mind that this microphone does 48-volt phantom power to work. So the microphone will not work if you just plug it directly into your computer, you will need a separate device like a Scarlett Solo USB Audio interface to make it work with your computer.


The performance of the Audio Technica AT2035 is exceptional. The sound on this microphone is top notch, the sound is totally awesome. It sounds very good if you are using any instruments, This microphone works effectively on a wide range of musical instruments its high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) rating makes it effective to be used with brass instruments and electric guitars.

Exceptional Performance

It does very well on the voice too and with its Cardioid polar pattern, it helps block all the unnecessary sound coming from the background and just focus on the sound coming directly into the microphone. When tested with a keyboard beneath the microphone and continuous tapping on the keys of the keyboard, it was noticed that the sound of the tapping of the keys was very much blocked out and only the sound of the person speaking directly into the microphone was heard. Because of this very feature of the microphone, it can be used if you are streaming games on the internet however it may seem costly. The overall sound produced by the Audio Technica AT2035 was a very pleasing, warm and smooth sound. Leaving the user with an overall very satisfying experience.

User Needs

The Audio Technica AT2035 is the perfect microphone for all the people who love to sing in their homes while also recording it. This microphone performs very well with the instruments of all kind so you are good to go whether you are recording your song with a piano playing in the back or you are singing a song with someone playing guitar in the back.

This microphone is perfect for studio musicians who do not need the very high-end microphones, this microphone is also popular for podcasting and streaming. This microphone also does well with the live performances, so if you want to sing a song to your friends on some occasion then this microphone is surely going to help you out in doing so. The microphone was found to be an extremely good choice for home studio performances. According to some users it was said to be the perfect choice if you are someone who is upgrading from a USB microphone to an XLR setup with an aim to record the clearest vocals. Its performance is very much comparable to the “Elite Microphones” out there in the market. That being said by no means can the “Audio Technica AT2035” be called a microphone that doesn’t belong to the best microphones out there.


The Audio Technica AT 2035 is a very versatile microphone. It’s maximum SPL and wide DNR capabilities make it even more versatile than any of the other microphones in this price range. As the microphone is developed for home studio performances, live performances, projects and professional studio applications so this adds even more to its versatility.

Final Verdict

Audio Technica AT 2035 is simply one of the best microphones in the market these days considering the price of this microphone. This is almost a perfect microphone for all the studio musicians. It goes perfectly well with all the musical instruments as well be it an acoustic guitar or any drums. All the features like Cardioid Polar pattern, the custom shock mount, large diaphragm make it a very good condenser microphone keeping in mind that it is very hard to find good condenser microphones with this many features nowadays. This microphone seemed to be the best option for the people who were upgrading from a USB microphone to an XLR setup aiming to capture clear vocal recordings. With all the features and the impressive build quality and also the best price that come packed with this microphone this is easily the best microphone for its price range. The only downside that we found on this microphone was that it didn’t come with a stand to keep it on and the microphone itself felt a little heavy. But these issues aren’t much likely to bother anyone since you can just buy a microphone stand which doesn’t cost much these days. If you happen to sing and like to record it as well or maybe you stream some games then Audio Technica AT 2305 is definitely recommended for you.

Audio-Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone


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