Atlanta and Guangzhou Teams Join the Overwatch League

The Overwatch League is the eSports scene for the game developed and managed by Blizzard. With the competitive scene growing, two new teams from Atlanta and Guangzhou have joined the roster of the major Overwatch League.

Atlanta and Guangzhou

The first team, Atlanta, is managed by Cox Enterprises, a leading communications, media, and automotive services company, which has partnered with Province, Inc. to form Atlanta Esports Ventures. The second team, Guangzhou, China, is operated by Nenking Group, a financial and entertainment conglomerate, and owner of the Guangzhou Long Lions of the Chinese Basketball Association.

“We’re pleased to add the Atlanta and Guangzhou teams to the ownership group, and we look forward to bringing the league to even more fans across both regions in 2019,” said President and CEO of the League, Pete Vlastelica.

“We know Atlanta and Guangzhou have deeply engaged fan communities and we can’t wait to unveil their teams,” said Nate Nanzer, commissioner of the Overwatch League.

Nanzer also says that he expects more talented teams to join as more roster spots open up. From the looks of things, Overwatch seems to getting increasingly popular, partially due to the success of the Overwatch League.

“We are so excited to bring an Overwatch League team to Guangzhou,” said Zhong Naixiong, chairman of the Nenking Group. “The Nenking Group and the Long Lions have deep roots in this region, and we can’t wait to represent our city on the world stage and make our fans proud.”

The upcoming Overwatch League season will conclude next month in California. The new Atlantic team will be competing on the weekend of August 25 – August 26 at Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles. We can expect to hear details about official names, marks, and rosters regarding the Atlanta and Guangzhou teams. The 2019 schedule of the Overwatch League will be announced at a later date.

Farhan Ali
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