Atari’s New PC/Console Hybrid is Set to Launch Alongside the Upcoming Consoles

If you think only the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are releasing in November, one of the oldest console manufacturers has news for you. Atari is rebooting its old Atari VCS console for the new generation set to release alongside the upcoming consoles. The good thing about this console is the fact that it comes with 100 retro games pre-installed into the storage. It may not be a good selling point, but Atari is pushing this to entice those who cherish these games.

In terms of specification, the new console packs a serious punch. It comes with a custom AMD Ryzen based CPU and Radeon based GPU similar to the PS5 and XSX/S. Atari has not disclosed the specifications of the APU, but it boasts that the console is capable of running games at 4K HDR. The system memory, however, is only 8GB, but users can upgrade it down the line. Again, the information about the video memory is not disclosed. On the other hand, the console features all essential I/O ports, including an HDMI port, ethernet port, USB 3.0 as well as WIFI and Bluetooth functionality.

The OS of the console is based on Linux, and Atari claims that it is working with some of the big gaming studios to port the games to the console. Another point to note here is that the console features a dual boot system that will let users install Windows too. The console also ships with an in-house games store, which will let users buy games directly from them.

The dual-boot feature will depend upon the power of the APU present inside the console. If it is as powerful as the company claims, people would rather use it as a gaming PC, an affordable gaming PC, if the console does not get enough games for itself. The console only costs $399. Atari is offering a $10 discount for those who order the console from the manufacturer. Lastly, it will also be available at Walmart and Gamestop.

Mohsin Naeem
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Atari’s New PC/Console Hybrid is Set to Launch Alongside the Upcoming Consoles

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