Asymmetrical Multiplayer Horror Game Daemonical Launches on Steam Early Access

Today, publisher Gamifier and developer Fearem launched their latest title Daemonical into Early Access. In this creepy multiplayer horror game,  a group of five players on an island must team up to fend off a demon when it possessing one of them. To celebrate the launch, Fearem shared a trailer that is sure to give you the chills, check it out:


In Daemonical, up to five players can join a session where the match starts on an abandoned remote island. At the beginning of the match, one player is possessed by the demon who cannot be killed. The humans, who play from a first person perspective, must work together to exorcise the demon by finding the missing ritual components and returning them to the altar. Alternatively, the humans can win by hiding and surviving until dawn, at which point the sunlight will eliminate the demon. However, this will prove to be a difficult task as the humans have a limited amount of tools which they can use to distract, stall, or cripple the demon.

On the other hand, the player possessed by the demon plays in a third person perspective. Compared to humans, he is faster, stronger and deadlier making his job of killing them much easier. When a human dies, their soul embodies a glowing ball of light allowing the remaining survivors to find the demon easily.

Daemonical’s vast procedurally generated landscape is even more scarier thanks to the realistic weather effects and atmosphere. The proximity voice chat system works well with the party system to offer a surreal horror experience. Developed in the Unity 3D engine, all parts of the island including forests, houses and points of interest add to the beauty of the game.

Currently in Early Access, the developers of Daemonical aim for a full release in one year. While the game contains a lot of content right now, more demons, maps and game modes will be added with the full version of the game. Daemonical is available now on PC via Steam for a retail price of $6.99 USD. 

Farhan Ali
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