Pricing for ASUS AM5 X670E Motherboards Leaked, Flagship Variant At €1500

Following the footsteps of MSI, ASUS has also come forward with its premium X670E AM5 motherboards. Previously, there was a massive outcry regarding the ‘leaked’ MSI prices. Putting fuel to the fire, these prices for ASUS X670E motherboards are much higher than their MSI counterparts.

Disclaimer : These figures may not reflect the prices at launch

The German website IPC-Computer has these motherboards available for pre-order. Do note that the pricing includes a 19% VAT (Value Added Tax). So people now officially have a chance to reserve their high-end AM5 motherboards. No official arrival date has been mentioned, however, the listing states 3 to 8 weeks. That’s approximately 2 months at most (2nd week of October) and the 1st week of September at the least.

ASUS X670E Pricing | IPC-Computer via Videocardz

As compared to MSI, this is going to be a major loss, for your wallet. Haruzake on Twitter compiled a chart showing us the prices with and without VAT. To be totally honest, not many will pay near €1500 for a high-end motherboard. 

ASUS X670E Prices with and w/o VAT | haruzake

MSI’s low-mid end X670 offerings are still priced a bit lower than ASUS’s offerings. Although bear in mind, MSI will still be keen on releasing its godlike and ace series as the highest end X670E motherboards.

MSI’s offerings for the X670 series

These motherboards are expected to launch alongside Zen4, which is currently facing some ‘launch date’ issues. Initially, 15th September was planned as the release date for Raphael. However, recent leaks suggest that AMD has delayed Zen4 by around 2 weeks. This brings the launch date near to 27-28th September which is the same date(s) as Raptor Lake’s announcement.


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