Asus NVLink Pricing Revealed – Comes With Aura Sync RGB

Nvidia brought NVLink, a much more enhanced form of the old school SLI bridge with several times more bandwith than the normal SLI bridges, to the gaming department along with the launch of Turing GPUs, but, there was little to no information  about the price of the new custom NVLink bridges.

It seems like people who are looking forward to using multiple RTX GPUs across NVLink don’t need to wait any longer. A listing on reveals the pricing of the Asus ROG NVLink Bridge, and more information about the same.

Source – Caseking

According to the listing the Asus ROG NVLink Bridge is priced at 89.90€, has a connection distance of 60mm and comes with Asus Aura Sync support, which will be a welcome addition for people who have Aura Sync compatible components and like to sync the lighting in their system.

The current GPU Bridge technology for gamers was SLI, which usually gave little to no performance improvements with time as compared to single GPUs in a majority of the games. NVLink is significantly faster than SLI, and while this doesn’t mean that we will immediately see a massive performance improvement in games while using NVLink, the introduction of NVLink in the gaming department sets the foundation for better performance scaling while using multiple GPUs in the future. Moreover, this might lead to reduced frametimes as compared to normal SLI bridges.

Bill Wilson
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