ASUS’ Long-Rumored RTX 3070 GPU With Noctua Cooling Has Finally Surfaced With Official Renders

It was all kinds of beige and brown after all.

Last month, Twitter-user Komachi spotted an unusual variant of the RTX 3070 over on the Eurasian Economic Commission‘s website. The listing filed to ECC was for an ASUS RTX 3070 but with the Noctua name attached at the end. Mentioned in the listing as “RTX3070-8G-NOCTUA“, it was clear that a special edition card was in the works from ASUS and Noctua, but details were scarce at the moment.

Fast forward to today and a Vietnamese Facebook group dedicated to ASUS ROG has spilled the beans. Apparently, employees from ASUS Vietnam are a part of this now-removed-group where one shared official renders of the upcoming ASUS x Noctua RTX 3070. Before, the speculation was fueled purely off leaks and rumors, and those rumors stemmed prior to the ECC listing. But, now we have seemingly official confirmation that ASUS is, in fact developing a special edition RTX 3070 with Noctua, and that it’s rather close to launch.

The ASUS Vietnam employee spilling the beans on Facebook | Wccftech

Wow, it’s really beige and brown after all

Looking at the pictures, we can tell right away that this card is a proper beast. It’s almost hilariously thick thanks to its 4-slot design that houses an absolutely massive heatsink which is populated with several heatpipes. We can see two NF-A12x25 fans at the front so be rest assured that cooling won’t be an issue. I’m saying that as if the enormous heatsink wasn’t a dead giveaway for any cooling concerns. You can also see the ASUS and Noctua logos respectively on either side of the shroud, looking possibly engraved in the metal.

The (front of the) ASUS x Noctua RTX 3070 in all of its beige and brown glory | Videocardz via Wccftech

The card sports the distinct beige and brown colorway closely associated with Noctua. The beige housing of fans offset the dark brown color of the shroud nicely. The fan fins feature a different shade of brown, giving the card a weird but interesting two-tone look. In the world of increasingly futuristic and sci-fi looking GPUs, you have to appreciate ASUS for really sticking with the theme, nay, doubling down on the theme and cater to specific tastes.

The top-down render gives us a look at the ASUS x Noctua branding slapped on top of GEFORCE RTX text on the side of the card. It’s unclear if this area will feature any lighting or RGB, but considering its Noctua, it likely won’t. But, then again, ASUS is also involved here so you never know. This view also confirms the inclusion of a backplate and gives us another angle at that heatsink. That thing is truly something else.

Top-down look of the ASUS x Noctua RTX 3070. Both of these renders are the same, the second one is just slightly rotated to give you a better idea of the design | Videocardz via Wccftech

Finally, the last picture shows the side-profile of the card from the back. Right away, we can see the somewhat unusual combination of I/O that included two HDMI and three DisplayPort ports. The NF-A12x25 fans can also be seen peeking from the sides. And it looks like the fans’ bodies are taking up quite the space inside the shroud. We don’t know whether the fans are just off-the-shelf NF-A12x25s that you can remove, or if some custom engineering has been done to fit those fans inside the shroud in a specific manner.

The side-profile and I/O of the ASUS x Noctua RTX 3070 | Videocardz via Wccftech

Pricing and other details

Lastly, the ASUS Vietnam employee was nice enough to even drop the official retail price of the card for us. The MSRP of the ASUS x Noctua RTX 3080 is set at 26 million Vitenamese Dong, which works out to around $1,143. That’s a steep price, even for a special edition novelty card like this. For context, the MSRP of a Founder’s Edition is supposed to be only $500 and the ASUS ROG STRIX variant of the RTX 3070 has an MSRP of only ~$653.

No release date for the card was announced but with renders this realistic, we can expect the card to be officially announced in the coming weeks with a potentially day-and-date release alongside the announcement. It’s worth nothing that the card will come overclocked from the factory, especially with that Noctua affiliation. Regardless of its undeniably unique design, the GPU will most likely sell like hotcakes within minutes, just like every other graphics card on the market right now.

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