The ASUS DIY-APE Revolution Project Aims To ‘Revolutionize’ Cable Management in PCs

Good cable management is every PC enthusiast’s dream. Whether it be for the aesthetics, or the ease of use when you want to remove that one component crammed into the smallest corners of your PC. Many companies have stepped in to resolve this issue, such as GIGABYTE with their stealth project. GIGABYTE placed most of the connectors at the back, however, their approach is not universal and kind of like a concept.

ASUS DIY-APE Revolution Project

Harukaze on Twitter shared a few pictures of the ASUS DIY-APE Revolution Project. The concept is almost similar to GIGABYTE, with most of the connectors placed at the back of the motherboard. 

ASUS DIY APE Revolution | Bilibili

ASUS aims to make this design more universal and applicable to almost all products. This concept will support both AMD and Intel CPUs. As shown in the image below, most of the wiring takes place behind the actual motherboard. This leaves you, the user, with clean and eye-soothing visuals.

ASUS DIY APE Revolution | Bilibili

Over at Bilibili, a video showcases the motherboard designs and the view from the front & the back. 

ASUS DIY APE Revolution | Bilibili


Harukaze mentions that both Intel and AMD’s upcoming motherboards will support this design. 

  • H610 (Intel)
  • B660 (Intel)
  • B760 (Intel)
  • B650 (AMD)

Videocardz states that this concept will see much more availability as compared to GIGABYTE. The companies expected to unveil their products based on this design are ASUS, SAMA, LianLI, CoolerMaster, Cougar, Phanteks and Jonsbo

Being a concept, ASUS may be releasing these products in limited quantities. However, the applicability will be more than GIGABYTE’s solution. The best part is that even the lowest end H610 boards from Intel are supporting this design. Keeping that in mind, we may see ASUS unveil this concept officially by CES 2023 or maybe even before if plans change.


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