ASUS Unveils One of a Kind Controller Equipped With An OLED Screen

At CES 2023, the Republic of Gamers (ROG) division of ASUS unveiled the Raikiri Pro, a new PC controller. The “tri-mode” controller has a built-in OLED screen and many other features and customization options. Though the firm often focuses on gamepads made for mobile devices, ROG is familiar with making them. The Raikiri Pro is a premium PC controller certified by Xbox and has much potential on paper.

Image: ASUS

It seems to be a reasonably typical Xbox controller, with two sticks, a regular X home button, and colored ABXY buttons. The circular D-pad is the most significant layout variation, but other than that, it is a typical gamepad at first sight, although one with a distinctive visual design enhanced by some ROG emblems on the front.

The Raikiri Pro, however, is far more complex than it first seems. One feature is a tiny built-in OLED screen above the Xbox button that may show various information, such as custom graphics or the battery or microphone level. Players may quickly swap between profiles whenever they want by pressing two tiny buttons on the top of the controller. It’s a distinctive feature resembling the Dreamcast controller’s built-in screen.

Thanks to its four customizable rear buttons and trigger locks, the controller enters further “gamer mode” on the back. The Armoury Crate software from ROG may be used to configure the back button instructions and the joystick dead zone and vibration settings. With its “tri-mode” connection, the Raikiri Pro may be connected over Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz , or USB-C. It has an integrated ESS DAC for audio.

ROG has not yet released the cost for the Raikiri Pro or the official release date for the product. It is anticipated that it will become available sometime around the second quarter of 2023.


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