Assassin’s Creed Leaker The Real Insider Caught Red Handed as Youtuber Dan Allen

Update: Assassin’s Creed Mirage Leaker, Dan Allen, posted to his Youtube Channel, Dan Allen Gaming with an apology video. Dan stated that he did it all for the clout and the thrill of it. He expressed full responsibility for his actions and isn’t asking for any sympathy whatsoever. But, his subscribers and fans aren’t buying it and are still outraged and disappointed, stating that he’s not sorry because he did it. He’s sorry because he got caught.

The Youtuber Dan Allen has gone ahead and issued a public apology for breaking multiple NDAs and revealing key insider information on games that have been in development for quite some time now the likes of Assassin’s Creed Mirage. So, how did it all unravel? Well, it was all because of one small mistake.

Assassin’s Creed Leaker Posts from the Wrong Account

It was revealed that Dan Allen was the actual person behind the popular leaks account titled the real Insider. The Dan Allen Gaming Youtube channel mostly caters to a general interest in gaming featuring guides, walkthroughs, gaming and all things related to gaming which are all very innocuous.

But his Twitter Persona, the Real Insider, seemed to have behind-the-scenes access to key insider information in regards to the gaming industry. Ever since the account became active earlier this year, the account has revealed information about numerous upcoming games and events, the likes as the upcoming and recently announced list of Assassin’s Creed titles, which the account leaked almost in its entirety.

dan allen real insider assassin's creed leaker
Dan Allen posting leaks about upcoming Assassin’s Creed games under the guise of his The Real Insider Persona | Twitter

But all of us make mistakes sometimes. It appears Dan Allen took to the internet earlier this week and made a classic social media blunder. In a response to a post directed at The Real Insider, Allen replied from the wrong account. He was quick to delete the tweet, but unfortunately was caught in the act and the tweet was shared. And then Tom Henderson got on the case. He posted a series of tweets noting the links and similarities between the two accounts. Nothing definitive was found but he stated that it was quite a coincidence. The tweets have since been deleted from the platform.

Now, with the gun right in his face and nowhere to run and hide, Dan Allen finally admitted to being the Real Inside and apologized for his behaviour in a tweet that has since been deleted.

I’m sorry to everyone for my actions. I’m ashamed and disappointed in myself. I’ll be taking some time to reflect on my poor decisions, which will never occur again. To everyone that has supported me over the years, I’m truly sorry I let you down. – Dan Allen’s Deleted Tweet

It’s certainly embarrassing to be caught like this but public humiliation is the farthest thing Dan Allen currently has to be worried about. Gaining access to key insider information this early into a game’s life requires individuals to sign legally binding non-disclosure agreements. These NDAs do vary from company to company but essentially state that if one leaks the information that one receives out of turn, they will definitely be held accountable in all kinds of interesting, unpleasant and expensive ways.

NDAs should be thoroughly looked at and one should certainly run them through a legal advisor before signing them. Regardless of Allen’s apology, by claiming to be the Real Insider, he’s also admitted to violating numerous NDA which carry some very heavy penalties. It’s quite the case that Ubisoft’s legal team might go easy on him or it might also be the case that social media humiliation might become the least of Allen’s worries.

Aside from the NDAs, his own fanbase doesn’t seem to be particularly all that happy to know of his shenanigans. Despite having a small but decently sized Youtube Channel with a subscriber count of 198,000. Dan Allen was pretty respected in the gaming industry, especially for his voice actor interviews and RDR streams. It’s pretty sad to see Dan Allen getting mixed up with breaking NDAs for the thrill of it, only for his reputation and career as a respected Youtuber and Gamer within the Industry to be forever tarnished.

So, what do you think of this whole scenario? Do you think Ubisoft will go easy on Dan Allen, or will they tear him up? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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